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By Greg Laxton 11 August 2020

OK, so first and foremost - the team at Net Lawman are real, and they are not out to rip you off. Case in point, I ordered the wrong AST (house), and then bought the correct one (flat). My mistake, and I did not expect much sympathy, but Net Lawman reimbursed me for the incorrect purchase.... They have been a shining beacon in a sea of Google click bait traps, mediocrity and confusion. The refund was an instant trust builder.

In terms of the product, I really like the template and the notes are very helpful. I have compared this AST with two previous leases who are written in legalise, and the Nat lawman plain English approach is clear and covers pretty much everything. It also sends a good message to the tenants that we are not just recycling the previous verbose AST agreement.

I am very pleased. Well done. Many thanks to Rashid Ramay!

By Miranda Harvie-Watt 03 May 2020

I found your service fantastic - not just the documents but the help I got via email when trying to decide how to proceed.Thank you so much

By Janneke Dobbinga 10 September 2019


By Alan Ackers 15 August 2018

Nicely structured with plain English used throughout. Great support too.

By Adam Stuttle 19 October 2015

Clear and consice documentation with useful guidance notes.

By Surendra Nandha 31 May 2015

Prompt, with well documented guidance together with optional extras if warranted.

By Alan Keay 25 October 2014

By Martin Lindsay 02 January 2014

Good document, well explained, and thank you for sending alternative format to Zip when requested.

By Matt Boon 24 November 2013

Document is bang up to date including use of email for communications between parties (who writes letter anymore?) and current deposit protection schemes. All options are catered for and explanatory text is well written and straightforward. Also, nice to see a legal document in plain English that everyone can understand.

By Pauleen Sedgewick 18 November 2013

Easy to use, very helpful

By Audrey Briggs 29 April 2013

I was able to delete the non-relevant items easily. It contained everything I needed and was a lot cheaper than soilicitor. Thanks

By Martin Lanek 18 July 2020

It’s was easy access and easy to fill, and I will use your services again.

By Alan Hobson 03 April 2017

Very quick service and a no nonsense document

By Richard Vivian 15 November 2013

Service was good. It might be a good idea if there was an option, which the customer had to pay a relevant charge for, of an answer service for any queries a customer might ask.
Some times "legal" language can seem difficult to understand. Thanks for your innovative service.

Net Lawman responds 09 December 2013

You are right about the extra service. We are working on a solicitor-provider service, but it is unlikely to happen until middle of 2014.