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By Sally 08 June 2021

Our tenant of 8 years wanted to add a new partner to the tenancy. The existing AST was created by an estate agency and was almost 40 pages long. I was looking to simplify our document and found Net Lawman via LandlordZone. I felt I could trust this source and it was backed up by many positive reviews of the company online. I am very happy that I proceeded with using the incredibly reasonably priced AST template. Its simplicity is refreshing, everything is covered (and believe me, I checked and double checked) and I would recommend Net Lawman without any hesitation.

By Helen Banner 16 February 2021

Easy purchasing process
Easy to enter relevant details
Good explanatory notes
Good range of supporting documents

By Us and Hours 29 September 2020

Straightforward, affordable and very easy to use.

By R 22 January 2020

It is simple to follow the step by step guidance, and the document is clearly laid out and easy to understand. The document is well formatted in Word so when clauses which do no apply are deleted the numbering adjusts automatically.

By Richard Moverley 14 July 2019

An excellent service for a new and inexperienced landlord. Very easy to navigate through and clearly explained processes. Provided everything I needed.

By Sue Bloom 08 April 2018

Forms were easy to understand and simple to amend to suit my needs. Used several of the forms in the pack. Thanks!

By Elaine Wight 07 December 2017

Had no idea what to expect when I ordered the document, just wanted something quite basic. Pleased to say:-Easy to understand, simple English terminology. Extremely simple to edit/amend.This seems very comprehensive. I followed the advice on the notes and pretty much kept everything in. Was re-offered the 'checking' service after purchase, but did not feel I had altered enough to warrent it. Hopefully I won't regret it in the future! Happy to recommend.

By Christine Nicholson 28 June 2017

Simple and easy to use - everything you need and nothing you don't!
Very pleased to get exactly what I needed quickly - with great support notes just in case the document didnt quite fit.
It was equally reassuring that the advisory service was on hand just in case.
Im a frequent user - will be back and definitely recommend.

By Thomas Christie 13 November 2016

Very useful document which was used by my son, a first time landlord. Covered stuff we hadn't thought about. Other douments useful to.

By Rosemary Lord 19 October 2014

Very easy and straightforward to amend, was perfect for my needs. Would definitely recommend to others.

By Gareth Weekes 09 October 2014

This document is very helpful. It is admirably clear and easy to follow and I would be happy yo recommend Net Lawman to others. I have one minor niggle - more information about the use of a Guarantor and the options available to landlords would be helpful.

Net Lawman responds 06 November 2014

You are right. We have now written a detailed and comprehensive note on this.

By David Levien 20 September 2013

I read it through just once very quickly. I won't need it for another month so am planning ahead but it comes across as very straightforward to use. First impression is good

By Vanessa Pinnington 11 March 2013

Quick and easy to download. Very good.

By Mr M Clinch 31 January 2014

Basic document fine. However, reference/link to and availablilty of additional documents and notices with respect to an agricultural assured shorthold tenancy would have been helpful in this case.

Net Lawman responds 19 February 2014

That is an excellent idea. We do just that with many property-related documents, but somehow we have missed on this one. We will deal as you suggest immediately.