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By Nicola 24 March 2020

Great experience.Your advice was very clear and confirmed I had the correct document for my needs.I found your service very reassuring for members of the public like me who have very limited knowledge of certain legal matters. Documents arrived promptly. Could not fault the service from end to end.

By Brian Lewis 18 August 2019

No improvement needed thank you.

By Ben Laurance 21 October 2018

Clear and simple form. Good value

By Julie Blackler 02 March 2017

Quick and easy ordering service with a clear, easy to understand and uncomplicated document.
Clear and concise instructions. Overall a great experience

By Ken Harrington 17 January 2017

Perfect exactly what was required and simple easy to follow instructions.

By Ian Simpson 17 July 2014

I was impressed that as soon as i had paid for the document it was emailed to me within a few minutes so i could process it straight away.It was easy to follow and had everything i wanted in the document.

By Susannah Spencer 15 July 2014

I found the tenants in common agreement, self explanatory, clear and easy to follow - thank you for such a quick and easy service.

By Edward Cox 18 April 2014

Very thorough, informative, uncomplicated, self-explanatory and exactly what I required at the time.

By John Brian Dawson 22 March 2014

Satisfactory and straight forward to complete. Helpful back up service also provided.

By Trevor Dennington 23 October 2013

Excellent. And I have used it before some while back. The most important feature was to ensure its legality and therefore its effectiveness. I will benefit by using it to support my Will.
Yes, I would recommend Net Lawman to others and have done so many times.

By Martin McBride 12 November 2018

Simple process and easy to understand for someone not versed in Law.

By Matthew Scott 01 December 2015

The process of getting my downloaded document was very efficient. However, I was disappointed with the result. I have found free versions of the document on the Internet, more or less the same, and as a result, I feel like I've wasted my money as I was going by paying I would have something more sophisticated. Shame.

Net Lawman responds 04 January 2016

This is a very simple document with no "bells and whistles". We draw documents in plain English that are clear and comprehensible. If you prefer something written a hundred years ago, then by all means go for it.