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By John Dickson 24 June 2020

Having researched other sources I was happy to use Net Lawman because I was able to purchase exactly what I needed and nothing more. I didn't want an on-going subscription, for example. I will use Net Lawman again when I next need a document template.

By Alan Roberts 28 January 2020

Sorry - did not use this service. My client did not qualify.

By Richard Pell 21 November 2019

Firstly I had d my question answered quickly. The explanation that came with the licence explained why it had to look so basic and the instructions were clear. It was just what I was looking for, plus I learnt a few things in the process so very pleased...Thank you

By Duncan Darling 17 September 2019


By Martha Walker 27 February 2019

I use Net Lawman periodically and always find you helpful and more often than note you have what Im looking for. Thank you

By Neil Garnham 22 February 2019


By Kevin Pearce 21 January 2019

Easy to use form, suited what I required and good notes explaining how to complete the form

By John Glover 14 February 2018

I can't think of any way you could improve. Everything was straightforward, the documents I required were easy to download and the notes were very helpful. Many thanks.

By Geraldine Aust 03 June 2017

Perfect for pop up shop. Easy to alter and with useful information. Thank you. Would recommend to anyone seeking relatively standard legal doc, as judge Rinder says... "did you have a contract?"!

By Jennifer Smith 17 October 2016

Easy to download, add detail and print. Knowing there is a review service is reassuring. I would certainly recommend Net Lawmen.
Graham Smith Strichen, Aberdeenshire

By John Dunn 21 March 2014

Exactly what wanted at cost far below my solicitors quote.

By Hilary Jensen 17 March 2014

Quick and easy to view, purchase and download.

By Richard Bloss 04 March 2014

Very quick and easy to complete will use again.

By Roger Aiken 28 February 2014

Easy to use, simple form format.

By Belinda Lowis 28 October 2013

Very helpful

By Sian Froggatt 25 September 2013

Exactly what I was looking for.

By Jan Lize 15 July 2013

I am a property landlord and it is crucial that these documents meet all legal requirements (which is their most important feature), whilst also protecting my own interests; cost is also important. I have benefited by Net Lawman's documents through having peace of mind in that I have secure contracts in place. Having previously purchased other documents from Net Lawman, I would certainly recommend them to others.

By Linda Goldman 03 June 2013

Useful and quick document.Service.

By David 23 February 2020

My lanlord suggested I take a business licence instead of a lease at my next renewal. As I was unsure of the difference I was pleased to be able to download a licence to compare with my lease quickly.

By Pawan Kahai 30 November 2018

By John Behrens 04 August 2018

The agreement was fairly basic but we were able to adapt it to our needs. It was good value for money.

Net Lawman responds 20 March 2019

The document needs to be basic to prevent it from being interpreted as a lease. The danger of adding extra clauses, especially if they commit the licensee to something, is that a judge could rule that the arrangement is really a lease masquerading as a licence. A lease, of course, gives a tenant far more rights, particularly relating to security of tenure.

By Chris Jones 10 January 2014

Fast, efficient service. Website easy to use. Document free from legalese and easy to follow. Reasonable price - which is much cheaper and less time-consuming than a personal visit to a solicitor. Will now need to see if the document stands the test of time and prevents any legal issues arising in the future.

By John Wilson 10 September 2013

The service is excellent with by by return receipt of the paperwork and essentially for me, easy retrieval and use.I am trying to impress another lay person with my supposed knowledge and grasp of the legal situation and the paperwork hopefully gives that aura of professionalism which might just be enough to keep the matter entirely out of legal hands with the desired cost savings all round.

By Yvonne Dawson 02 November 2013

A bit pricey for how basic it was

Net Lawman responds 04 November 2013

Thanks for your review comments. We are sorry that you thought our document was poor value for money. We write documents to be as comprehensive as possible, but this is one where we cannot make the document any more flexible or effective by adding additional paragraphs.We try and price our documents competitively compared to other online document retailers, and of course, our documents are far less expensive than engaging a solicitor.

By Barry Dyer 03 February 2014

I did not think that this document was appropriate for my purpose, have been pleased with others that I have purchased from you.

Net Lawman responds 19 February 2014

We would love to help. Just tell us the problem.