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By Edwin Watt 03 August 2019

This was a document that covered all bases. It was easy to edit, and the purchasing system worked flawlessly. The doc. also came with a "How To Edit" guide, which was useful. Highly recommended!

By Phil Gardiner 26 March 2018

This is a great service and we will use this again. Clear and concise and great to have a resource that allows us to gain access straight away.

By Sally Kitchen 12 June 2017

Excellent contract gave us everything we needed.

By Kevin Jones 19 September 2016

Exactly what I was looking for. I chose the wrong one to start with and the support was excellent.

By Thomas Rands 08 October 2014

Quick and efficient.You were suggested to me by a family member who is a legal professional.
I'm still reading through/editing the document.Yes I would recommend your website to others.