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By Arthur Whitehead 03 April 2017

Good afternoon

I found your service informative and helpful. The only draw back was my declaration was for a different matter than the templates provided yet I was still able to adapt and successfully use it. I thought the cost was reasonable too.
I would use your services again.

Many thanks

Arthur Whitehead

By Kenneth Summers 16 April 2014

I needed to compile a declaration regarding ownership of personal property. There was no document dealing with this directly but, with suggestions from elsewhere on the internet, one of those supplied was able to be adapted easily. I was a little concerned that it might not be accepted by the solicitor before whom the declaration was being made, but it was without question.Receipt of the documents over the internet was quick.
It was useful to have numbered paragraphs, It was useful to have the document in 'Word' so that it could be adapted easily without having to write out the text in full.The language suggested was clear and concise.
I would recommend Net Lawman to others because being able to obtain documents which can be amended saved the hassle of having to compose something from scratch and, in this case, having to engage a lawyer to draft a document (plus the inconvenience of having to go to a second lawyer, to make and sign the declaration itself) at far greater expense.

By Tom Lazenby 22 February 2014