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By Ken (Katz Wizkas Photography) 11 August 2021

The document and it’s accompanying instructions were perfect for allowing me to create a legal contract. Written in plain English, it was easy to understand from the instructions how to create the perfect contract. Priced sensibly, this service is great value for money.

By CathyD Photography 30 June 2021

The contract is detailed and covers all general needs. Easily editable to suit own needs too. Written in a clear and concise way to ensure it is easily understood. Certainly not overly heavy in legal jargon but makes the points clear which is exactly what I was looking for! Would certainly recommend them!

By Carole-Ann Chambers 08 April 2021

I found the contract really thorough, and easy to understand and edit to suit. I was concerned in the beginning as I couldn't really find a lot online about Net Lawman, but for the price I thought I could try it and see (a lot of other ones were over £100 for templates only!). The editing instructions are comprehensive and very helpful. It made things really really easy for me and I feel that what I've ended up with after editing is pretty much perfect! It's also a big confidence boost that you can pay for a review service to check that it does what you want it to.
There are things that I'd have liked to see it include, but really it was easy enough to add them in yourself in the relevant sections.
It's meant I've been able to create templates that cover each type of shoot I do, in one single evening!

By Herefordphotography 11 November 2020

This document is very comprehensive you are able to just change the odd word here and there so you have the flexibility to use for all types of photography ranging from Weddings to real estate, portrait even food, literally any form of photography where you are getting paid. This is a great product and would recommend to anybody in the photography business without breaking the bank making sure you are covered for all eventuallitys

By Steve Hicks 05 April 2019

Excellent service. Just what I was looking for. Available to download immediately, and easy to edit. Comes with a 'how to' guide as well. Seems to cover everything you need in a photography contract. Ideal for a photography business. Would recommend.

By Emlyn Price 07 December 2018

Gave it 5 stars for the content and delivery. Will use again :)

By Andrew Waller 16 November 2016

Very straightforward and easy to edit. Advice with it was useful - I didn't need the additional service. Up and running in an hour or so.

By Derek Vickers 25 April 2016

Simple and effective. Solved a pressing problem.

By NIGEL PATERSON 05 September 2015

My research stemmed from an urgent need for guidance on taking photographs in public and private locations, of people and children, particularly at an 'Autumn Fayre'. I was steered by an experienced colleague, also a member of a local photographic society. He also did some research and put me on to your contact details. We both agree that the document produced by Lindsay Dobson, hits the proverbial nail, squarely and firmly. I bought on the strength of the above document which summed up the salient points of the law I needed. The benefit has been the clarity I got that allowed me to proceed with the foundation obtained. Yes, I would recommend Net Lawman, in the expectation that the same due diligence has been applied across the UK law.

By Lewis Baker 15 November 2014

Its a fantastic document which covers all aspects required for a contract and more, many thanks!

By Adam Jones 04 May 2014

Net Lawman provided a great affordable service with outstanding customer service from enquiry to purchasing the template. I found the template easy to edit, covers many aspects a photography contract should and isn't over worded with legal jargon. Its easy to edit to cover all aspects of my wedding and commercial / event photography.
I rate the service of Net Lawman 5/5 and contract 4.5/5

By Syd 19 July 2021

Hi Thomas, its a good generic document covering lots of basis but I found it rather lengthy. Obviously the ability to edit is welcome - and made easy. Whilst I appreciate the legalities, I think I'd prefer something like a 2 page contract summary with a separate T & C document with the 'fine print'.
Appreciate your efficiency