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By Paul 22 January 2021

The template is the start and I am sure we will use Net Lawman again

By Paul 20 January 2021

An excellent template from which to consider a bespoke privacy notice. Thank you.

By Lorna 07 January 2021

It is so perfectly worded that even me, someone who is not very clued up on the law, understood - and that was a key hope for me in downloading such a document, if I understand it then my clients will too. Could not fault, thank you!

By Be #PeopleSmart Ltd 05 January 2021

The document is simple to understand, review and update which also means it will be easy to understand for visitors to a website.
As someone only just setting up a new business, these services are very valuable and once I need more legal support I will certainly consider Net Lawman.

By Lee Parkinson 02 January 2021

Exactly what I needed, easy to use, would definitely recommend.

By Maria 30 December 2020

Thank you

By Steve Barley 28 December 2020

Comprehensive yet highly flexible for individual needs, this privacy legal document is ideal for small private websites like my own as well as larger business-focussed websites. Great idea to offer it free with a follow-up service to review if required, as non-profit websites benefit from the former, but businesses will want the review to ensure they are legally watertight. Highly recommend.

By Sophie Jones 20 December 2020

The document was so helpful – thank you very much. It has saved me a lot of time and research having to come up with everything from scratch. Excellent service. Very much appreciated.

By Jill Myers 18 December 2020

I was advised this was a requirement for my website. Easy to download, easy to understand, easy to edit to my requirements.

By Shay 09 December 2020

Plain and easy to review and understand.

By Dean 07 December 2020

It was just what I needed, with clear guidance. It quickly took care of something that could have been a bit of a headache.

By Veronica Moore 30 November 2020

The document covered all aspects of a Privacy Policy I should expect it to. The accompanying explanatory notes were very detailed and helpful. I liked that I could tailor it to my requirements.

By Frame Studios 29 November 2020

Definitely great content value.

By Tracey McCloskey 27 November 2020

Fantastic document, easy to read .
No hidden charges like many other websites. I can’t recommend enough.
Thank you.

By Steve Anniss 27 November 2020

A professionally produced document giving legal confidence to the user.

By Sandra 27 November 2020

Net Lawman, was a great find, I just required a simple template that I could amend for my small business start up even better as it was free. Easy to understand. I paid a visit to this site before and found good information for another document. This will be be my go to search for future enquiries should I require further assistance I would look here first.Thank you.

By Time for Marketing 26 November 2020

By Ann 23 November 2020

Very easy template to understand and use, with excellent guidance notes and back up if required.
Thank you

By Helen Davis 23 November 2020

Clear and comprehensive wording with detailed instructions on how to adjust to your own requirements. Exactly what I needed. Thank you.

By Andre 20 November 2020

Net Lawman was recommended by a business partner I trust. The document was clear, not too long and comprehensive. I now feel comfortable that my website provides a suitable privacy policy. I would recommend Net Lawman to others for ease of use.

By Clio Thomas 18 November 2020

A very thorough and well-annotated document, perfect for someone completely new to the world of legal policies. Thank you so much!

By HR-Blossoms Ltd 14 November 2020

Well written document - easy to use and adapt where needed. I would recommend to other small businesses.

By Holt Joinery Ltd 10 November 2020

Exactly what we wanted with easy instructions.

By Thomas Day 09 November 2020

Really helpful template. As a start-up business, the fact that it was free was a massive bonus, but I particularly appreciated the explanatory notes and the indications as to which sections could or should be amended etc. Very helpful!

By Scott 08 November 2020

It is a fantastic template, covers about everything i could think of and has explanations for each section and why it's there. The help and guide are brilliant and it gives a great starting point to add in other details specific to your business if needed.

Definitely the best I've come across. Thanks