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By Graeme Whitehead 16 September 2019

it was what I needed

By Beckii Owen 12 September 2019

Simple and easy to use.

By Catherine Shinkins 03 September 2019

Easy and hassle free

By Monica Visca 02 September 2019

It has helped me hugely. I don't know much about this type of things. It saved me time and stress. Many thank you

By Clive Ireland 28 August 2019

It allowed us as a charity to design a comprehensive privacy policy that is fit for purpose.

By Peter Phipps 23 August 2019

Very well produced and clear instructions on editing.

By Tracy Hart 22 August 2019

Excellent document, that can be tailored to suit specific businesses, and comes with instructions and advice on how to customise effectively. And its Free. Thank you very much.

By Chris Evans 19 August 2019


By Chandresh Meghji 13 August 2019

Really simple and easy to follow.

By Christine Thornton 12 August 2019

This was completely brilliant as a free offering. Some minor quibbles re formatting, plus as a sole trader I had to think hard to adapt it, but very grateful to find good quality checklist on this arcane topic.
Updated privacy policy
Wd recommend

By Mike Wort 09 August 2019

I used the Website Privacy document. Although daunting in the size of the documents it is well laid out, relatively easy for a total amateur to understand and edit and will, I believe, be perfect for our simple website. The fact that it was free was the icing on the cake.

Much clearer and better laid out than a competitor's version obtained at the same time.

By Valentins Abasins 31 July 2019

By Tracey Bendall 28 July 2019

Immediately sent via e-mail for downloading, with clear guidance to editing for my business. Very useful.

By Daniel Hinksman 26 July 2019

An excellent document with a very helpful guide. The only way this could be improved would be to have an online filter to autopopulate information such as type of business, end product category, etc.

This would make completing the document much easier and less time consuming.

By Mary Ann Ababa 18 July 2019

The document was well-written, easy to read and understand. The guideline for editing is very helpful too. It was the best thing I found on the internet.

By Stephen Dawes 18 July 2019


By Ali Fisher 03 July 2019

By Charlotte Revell 02 July 2019

Clear, precise and very helpful. Thank you.

By Ron Hayhurst 02 July 2019

A speedy delivery,clearly written document with an excellent layout which was easy to understand and useful website.

By Ioannis Charalambous 24 June 2019

Excellent layout

By Ivan Kulongo 23 June 2019

Fantastic document, covers all areas, relevant to my site and guiding document user friendly.

By Seth White 23 June 2019

It was very accurate, detailed and useful to understand what is required.

By Nick Harrison 22 June 2019

Comprehensive coverage of all the relevant requisite points without the legalese language and phrasing so frequently a feature of this type of document.

By Simon Howard 21 June 2019

Wanted a template for our basic website and was initially sceptical as nothing is ‘free’ these days but this appears so. The notes are a welcome support in guidance for tailoring your requirements. I will definitely be contacting Net Lawman in the first instance if we need anything ‘Legal’ for the Company.

By Rob Willmoth 19 June 2019

It provided an easy to use doc.