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By Ali Fisher 03 July 2019

By Charlotte Revell 02 July 2019

Clear, precise and very helpful. Thank you.

By Ron Hayhurst 02 July 2019

A speedy delivery,clearly written document with an excellent layout which was easy to understand and useful website.

By Ioannis Charalambous 24 June 2019

Excellent layout

By Ivan Kulongo 23 June 2019

Fantastic document, covers all areas, relevant to my site and guiding document user friendly.

By Seth White 23 June 2019

It was very accurate, detailed and useful to understand what is required.

By Nick Harrison 22 June 2019

Comprehensive coverage of all the relevant requisite points without the legalese language and phrasing so frequently a feature of this type of document.

By Simon Howard 21 June 2019

Wanted a template for our basic website and was initially sceptical as nothing is ‘free’ these days but this appears so. The notes are a welcome support in guidance for tailoring your requirements. I will definitely be contacting Net Lawman in the first instance if we need anything ‘Legal’ for the Company.

By Rob Willmoth 19 June 2019

It provided an easy to use doc.

By Debbie Walby 10 June 2019

Found it very helpful. The notes were easy to follow and made the process of creating a privacy policy relatively simple. No hidden catches, the document really was free.

By Adrian Finlay 10 June 2019

Clear document that is well laid out and appears to be comprehensive. Areas of the document that need to be review and possibly amended are clearly indicated and the guidance notes are excellent.

By Miranda Toppin 07 June 2019


By Patrick Angwin 03 June 2019

I'm no lawyer (obviously!) but appears to be a very comprehensive document, which I found quite easy to edit to suit my needs.
As a small, one-man startup who wants to stay compliant with my website but has no budget for things like legal fees, it is great to be able to obtain this kind of template for free. Option to have a paid-for legal review of my edits is also really helpful, should I ever need it.

By Errol Wood 29 May 2019

I had a good experience using the website and would not hesitate to use again.

By Helen Bell 27 May 2019

The document covers all the legal aspects that I'm aware of needing in a privacy policy. It is easy to edit and the notes were really comprehensive. The language used in the document was exactly the tone I wanted.

By Clare Marshall 24 May 2019


By Ana Castro Castellon 23 May 2019

It is very comprehensive regarding GDPR.

By Carol Scanlon 23 May 2019

Free download is a bonus, I've not had chance to look at it fully yet, but it seems very straight forward to adapt to my needs. Thank you

By James Bannon 18 May 2019


By Sarah Parton 17 May 2019

Found the website easy to understand and navigate around. The links were straight forward to see and follow with good explanations given on the different options available. Very good for a free service.

By Martin Plura 14 May 2019

Easy to use, free download, clear document.

By Moira George 13 May 2019

Because it very easy to use and understand, and the added bonus it was free..thank you so much

By Gillian Reynolds 07 May 2019

Very easy to use and understand and a free service which was great with no hidden fees .

By Amina Manduri 25 April 2019

It was fit for purpose and very user friendly - simple language used and a clear layout.

I will definitely recommend you others :)

By N BAILEY 23 April 2019

I found your site to be very informative , and it was extremely helpful , yes i did benefit from the document , it was easy to follow and adapt to suit my requirements , I would defiantly recommend Net Lawman because of how helpful the site was