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By Daniel Piler 08 November 2018

I had very little knowledge of what I needed and this was easy to understand and utilise for my small business website

By Sue McKeeman 03 November 2018

Outlined/confirmed just what was needed on my small-scale scale website. I.e Salient points all covered succinctly.

By LOUISE JEFFREYS 02 November 2018

Much less complicated than free offers for privacy notice.

By Maria Perez 20 September 2018

The clearest and simplest privacy policy I've come across since I started reading about GDPR. I had no trouble editing it and I'm happy that my users will be able to understand what's happening to their data.

By Barry Mcaleer 18 September 2018


By Kevin Brown 16 September 2018

The template was very clear, easy to follow and a very helpful. It is wonderful to see such an offering without obscuring any of the contents.

By Ana Daniel 15 September 2018

Thank you for this service without it I would be lost. It was written in a way that I could understand and clear what parts I could change. I had looked at other free offers for privacy notice and they were complicated. I would certainly recommend Net Lawman to others.

By Martin Syms 30 August 2018

The template was very clear but much more importantly the team at Net Lawmam was really helpful over the whole process. Sharma who did the review was particularly helpful and her turn around time was was very fast. She also took the time to double check I was happy with everything. All in all a great service.

By Jane Dawson 26 August 2018

I was so happy to see a free template for the privacy policy as I didn’t have a clue how to go about doing one for my website, it was easy to fill in and save. It would have been good to have the guideline notes in or inserted as a note in the main document as I had to keep referring to them which nearly made me look elsewhere. But nevertheless I got there in the end thank you.

Net Lawman responds 27 August 2018

We're pleased the template was easy to use. We have thought about including the guidance notes in the document itself. We don't because we've found that its easy to forget to delete them from the document once you have finished editing, which means that your document contains words that it shouldn't. Putting them at the end of the document should allow you to print them out together and have them at your side while editing on the screen.

By Peter Reid 25 August 2018

Very good

By Flavia Santini 23 August 2018

No improvement necessary in my opinion. Instead, thank you for making this available and so easily accessible to read and edit. Much much appreciated.

By Richard Harden 23 August 2018

Quick, clear and easy to use. This 'free sample' was a professional affair, and would encourage me to use NL's services in future, even if I had to pay for them!

By Mike Bye 19 August 2018


By Danielle Krage 12 August 2018

Clear and helpful.

By David Adams 04 August 2018

Red tape for compliance as a 1 person business kills working time so having a template resource to comply with requirements without having to research and write from scratch is welcome. Guidance note particularly useful.

By Steven Morley 04 August 2018


By A Young 30 July 2018

Perfect document to use as a template. Highly recommended.

By Natalie Menzies 28 July 2018

Trying to write a privacy policy was a very daunting and painstaking task. However, with this policy template an guide that came with it I had it completed in no time!
It saved me a huge amount of time and stress, and I am completely happy with the end result - thank you.
I would highly recommend.

By Georgie Cantle 27 July 2018


By Debbie Bull 26 July 2018


By A A 23 July 2018

I'm running a small community site and will soon be storing data about my users to enable them to link together online.

The privacy policy you offered was exactly what I needed to ensure that my users have all the details that they need to make an informed choice about using the site.

It explains things very clearly, and is laid out so that people and read and understand it quickly and easily.

By John Hughes 23 July 2018


By Marc Farrington 23 July 2018


By Marc Farrington 23 July 2018


By Vanessa Awong 18 July 2018

Easy to follow and quite extensive