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By Malabazaar 30 March 2020

I needed a Privacy Policy for my new on-line store. The process was quick and included guidance notes. Very impressed. Thank you very much Net Lawman.

By Karin 29 March 2020

Excellent easy to use service. With great results.

By Birgit 27 March 2020

Great service, thank you very much. The documents are very comprehensive. I would definitely recommend Net Lawman to others

By Past & Present Heritage 23 March 2020

A comprehensive document. Thank you for providing us with the information we required for our new website.

By Charles 23 March 2020

An excellent document with clear options to accept or delete relevant to your business model

By Claire Hubbard 19 March 2020

It helped me so much with the structure and support as I did not know where to start. Very detailed but not overbearing.

By Padify 18 March 2020

By Rob M 16 March 2020

By Siobhan Elliot 13 March 2020

Really thorough and comprehensive with good guidance notes

By Jane Stannard 09 March 2020

By Emma Jeater 07 March 2020

Great fully worded document that meant I had now covered myself and my website legally and was great to be able to customize any wording myself after reading the information sent.

By Philippa 03 March 2020

It has been a great help for me

By Rachel 27 February 2020

Very comprehensive document with easy to understand guide

By Ray Cassidy (ClimbHigh SEO) 24 February 2020

This was a very thorough and substantial pro forma which contained many sections that I hadn't thought of.

By Margie 24 February 2020

By Emma Randle 22 February 2020

By Valentina Chirico 21 February 2020

5 stars are well deserved: finally, a legal document that is free - especially if we think about privacy policies nowadays - and with easy instruction!

By Jayne Kerry 20 February 2020

just what was required

By Adenike 10 February 2020

The document I received was along the line of what I was thinking.

By Lucinda Blythe 09 February 2020

The Privacy Notice document was excellent, written in good English, along with the helpful explanatory notes settng the legal framework. It's clear that Net Lawman is on the side of small businesses. Great service.

By James Hendy 07 February 2020

Very comprehensive and easy to amend

By Scott 05 February 2020

The document was excellent. We needed a privacy policy for our website and they were all coming up either rubbish or US aligned. We had had our Facebook advertising suspended due to the document not being on our site. After downloading and making minimal changes to personalise the document, we now have our ads running smoothly again.
Thank you

By Lisa 25 January 2020

The document covered all my needs. I did edit and add bits as appropriate. The language was couched in law but aimed at the layman. Good.

By Sharon Ellis 21 January 2020

By Super Deals UK 19 January 2020

Compared to other documents on the web claiming to be free this one actually was and very easy to edited to your own preference.