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By James Bannon 18 May 2019


By Sarah Parton 17 May 2019

Found the website easy to understand and navigate around. The links were straight forward to see and follow with good explanations given on the different options available. Very good for a free service.

By Martin Plura 14 May 2019

Easy to use, free download, clear document.

By Moira George 13 May 2019

Because it very easy to use and understand, and the added bonus it was free..thank you so much

By Gillian Reynolds 07 May 2019

Very easy to use and understand and a free service which was great with no hidden fees .

By Amina Manduri 25 April 2019

It was fit for purpose and very user friendly - simple language used and a clear layout.

I will definitely recommend you others :)

By N BAILEY 23 April 2019

I found your site to be very informative , and it was extremely helpful , yes i did benefit from the document , it was easy to follow and adapt to suit my requirements , I would defiantly recommend Net Lawman because of how helpful the site was


Easy to use template with clear advice given, checking offered too although I didn't feel the need to use this option, I would highly recommend it to all.

By V Ssi 19 April 2019

It was very concise and to the point. Definitely done in a professional tone and very effective. I don't think anything could really be improved because it is already fantastic. Will certainly recommend to others.

By Bryan Edery 18 April 2019

Finally proper no nonsense help for UK based small businesses. None of the USA centric garbage you often get when you Google things.

By Alan Snelson 09 April 2019

Generally easy to follow and adapt to my own use. I am unsure if the requirements vary between large organisations and sole traders but is a 'simple form for small businesses.

By James OToole 08 April 2019

spot on.....easy to download, just what we needed

By Julie BlasbergKing 05 April 2019

The privacy policy download was exactly what I was looking for. The policy was simple to understand, with good, concise guidance notes (I learnt a lot about GDPR myself). The service was fast and efficient too.

By Harry Collins 28 March 2019

Clear, precise and very helpful. Thank you.

By Evelyn Dudra 25 March 2019

Excellent service
Well written documents
It was what I wanted

By Simon Fung 24 March 2019

Really comprehensive document, thank you

By Helen Dion 21 March 2019

This was a great service and really useful privacy policy document - thank you so much. The supporting notes were a fantastic help. We will keep your details for future work and will definitely recommend you to others.

By Andrew Singer 19 March 2019

A legal document with explanatory notes, that make it relatively easy to use. Well done!

By Paul Banks 13 March 2019

Thanks for providing a GDPR policy document. This has undoubtedly saved a huge chunk of my time that would otherwise be wasted chasing red tape. I'm sure I will be back for more documents in the future when our business is up and running.

By N Farrell 12 March 2019

I dealt with the GDPR changes and Privacy Statements within my job role, and needing one for my small parttine business I searched the web looking for professional templates I could adapt to suit my requirements, knowing exactly what I needed to have covered legally and advice visitors to my web page. This was why I chose your service, it was exactly what I was looking for. Easy to use and for those that require some assistance the additional help sheet document is perfect. Thank you, I would happily reccommend this service.

By Sophie Bruwer 04 March 2019

Good document and very clear instructions! Thank you.

By Subhashini Venkatesan 03 March 2019

Straightforward document to amend. The guidance notes were excellent.

By Carmen DILLON 21 February 2019

It gave me the information I was looking for.

By Maureen Olashore 21 February 2019

I found the privacy policy template easy to use as it came with explanatory notes which came in very handy as I would have deleted some sections which were actual requirements as I thought I did not need them.

By Melissa Park 15 February 2019

A really straightforward document to amend. The guidance notes were excellent.