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By Simon Fung 24 March 2019

Really comprehensive document, thank you

By Helen Dion 21 March 2019

This was a great service and really useful privacy policy document - thank you so much. The supporting notes were a fantastic help. We will keep your details for future work and will definitely recommend you to others.

By Andrew Singer 19 March 2019

A legal document with explanatory notes, that make it relatively easy to use. Well done!

By Paul Banks 13 March 2019

Thanks for providing a GDPR policy document. This has undoubtedly saved a huge chunk of my time that would otherwise be wasted chasing red tape. I'm sure I will be back for more documents in the future when our business is up and running.

By N Farrell 12 March 2019

I dealt with the GDPR changes and Privacy Statements within my job role, and needing one for my small parttine business I searched the web looking for professional templates I could adapt to suit my requirements, knowing exactly what I needed to have covered legally and advice visitors to my web page. This was why I chose your service, it was exactly what I was looking for. Easy to use and for those that require some assistance the additional help sheet document is perfect. Thank you, I would happily reccommend this service.

By Sophie Bruwer 04 March 2019

Good document and very clear instructions! Thank you.

By Subhashini Venkatesan 03 March 2019

Straightforward document to amend. The guidance notes were excellent.

By Carmen DILLON 21 February 2019

It gave me the information I was looking for.

By Maureen Olashore 21 February 2019

I found the privacy policy template easy to use as it came with explanatory notes which came in very handy as I would have deleted some sections which were actual requirements as I thought I did not need them.

By Melissa Park 15 February 2019

A really straightforward document to amend. The guidance notes were excellent.

By Funmi Watkins 11 February 2019

By Sara Powell 08 February 2019

Very helpful and enabled me to create my privacy policy

By G Watterson 21 January 2019

Your template was easy to use and edit with the added bonus of the guidance that also came with the download.

By Timothy Ball 11 January 2019

Very helpful to have a starting text to work with, and an explanation with it.

By Dawn Jehle 09 January 2019

Excellent document with guidance on each section. Thank you.

By Pete Aylward 17 December 2018

You are providing a valuable resource in a sensible and ultimately altruistic fashion.

Your off-the-shelf Privacy Policy is simple to make use of for what I imagine are the majority of use cases, and in offering this I'd certainly come to you should I need professional advice on more complicated matters.

By Marcia White 11 December 2018

I used your document in conjunction with the ICO template and you have everything covered.
As someone on the new enterprise scheme, I assumed this information, as a compliance, was something I should have been told about, but wasn't! Therefore I was thrown into all the research and your document saved my tired brain, for which I am very grateful. Unfortunately, due to the lack of mentorship, therefore lack of funding; I am not in a position to buy your full service.
Thank you for providing this template.

By Simon Jones 21 November 2018

Excellent document, well presented and easy to follow. Readily adapted to our purpose.

By Daniel Piler 08 November 2018

I had very little knowledge of what I needed and this was easy to understand and utilise for my small business website

By Sue McKeeman 03 November 2018

Outlined/confirmed just what was needed on my small-scale scale website. I.e Salient points all covered succinctly.

By LOUISE JEFFREYS 02 November 2018

Much less complicated than free offers for privacy notice.

By Maria Perez 20 September 2018

The clearest and simplest privacy policy I've come across since I started reading about GDPR. I had no trouble editing it and I'm happy that my users will be able to understand what's happening to their data.

By Barry Mcaleer 18 September 2018


By Kevin Brown 16 September 2018

The template was very clear, easy to follow and a very helpful. It is wonderful to see such an offering without obscuring any of the contents.

By Ana Daniel 15 September 2018

Thank you for this service without it I would be lost. It was written in a way that I could understand and clear what parts I could change. I had looked at other free offers for privacy notice and they were complicated. I would certainly recommend Net Lawman to others.