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By Nick 20 October 2020

Really great service, simply to use and just what we required for our new business venture

By Becky Thomas 18 October 2020

Really helpful. I came across your privacy policy after several hours of research. Yours is far better than all of the others I came across and comes with clear guidance notes. Thank you.

By Mel 16 October 2020

I have used Net Lawman documents before. They come with clear instructions on how to use them and are well laid out. Great documents.

Thank you Net Lawman for a great product

By Alex Joyce 15 October 2020

The service from Net Lawman was excellent. I found the creation of a Policy Notice straightforward, easy to understand and very fast. The customisable draft allowed me to adjust the document to meet my specific business needs. I would not hesitate to use their services again.

By Alison Blackwood 09 October 2020

Very comprehensive privacy policy document, very well laid out, and easy to tweak to suit my needs. My problem with others I'd tried is that they didn't include everything, so I didn't quite know what I had to write! With this one everything was there, all I had to do was take out the bits I didn't need or amend the wording slightly. For a free resource this is brilliant!

By Dorett Jones 07 October 2020

As a free download privavcy notice document with the necessary language and legal reference, it is simple and easy to edit in order to suit your company website requirements. Plus, the after check in by the solicitors firm also provides an opportunity for more interraction if needed..

By Ian 04 October 2020

Easy to use, easy to understand, saved me a tonne of time, great, thanks, well done.

By Simon Viney 04 October 2020

By Mark 02 October 2020

Fantastic document and free resource. Incredibly helpful. Thank you!

By John Quick 25 September 2020

Great as a comprehensive template for your company's privacy policy. I only needed a fraction of it but very useful even so.

By Ashton 24 September 2020

I haven't actually gone through the whole document, but from the first few sections, it seems good and clearly explained with the accompanying guide. I will need to sit down and see if I require further assistance from the company. But at this stage its looking good.

By Paul 23 September 2020

A solid document, easy to edit and personalise. Saved us endless time and expense creating our own Privacy Policy from scratch.

By Angela Parker 21 September 2020

It was really easy. The instructions were clear and I was really pleased with the outcome. Thanks

By Yannick Kramm 19 September 2020

A very helpful and thorough document that has helped me to better understand the needs (especially concerning GDPR) and improved my confidence to offer profound and valid privacy notice on my startup website.

By Emma 18 September 2020

Template and access to it was easy. The notes within the document were clear and easy to navigate which parts I needed. It was also nice to have the additional option details within the document to see what a full service would require to grow into. Thank you.

By RedWrren VA 18 September 2020

Really easy to follow

By J 13 September 2020

Refreshing to see something so comprehensive yet free. As a result, if I end up requiring anything else along these lines, I'll be more than happy to give Net Lawman business.

By Claire 10 September 2020

The document and service was just so easy to use! Simple instructions and knowing that you could always email if you had any questions gave complete peace of mind when I needed a privacy policy for my website. Thank you

By John Brown 07 September 2020

By David Beard 05 September 2020

An excellent document that I am going to use for my holiday cottage rental. It is very comprehensive and the only suggestion I could make is to break it down slightly by asking some basic preliminary questions as to eg
product or service,
applicable country
etc to limit the statements on offer.
But brilliant. Well done

By Philippa 05 September 2020

A thorough document but in language that can be understood. Suggested amendments and guidelines were very useful. I feel more relaxed that I have covered what is needed having used your template.

By Ian Anderson 05 September 2020

By Emma Greatorex 01 September 2020

really clear instructions

By Ron 29 August 2020

Excellent GDPR Privacy Notice ideal for my website.

By Ian 28 August 2020

A superb resource, easily edited documents with simple instructions ideal for any type of business. I had worried about keeping the Net Lawman branding on the finished document but having seen the quality, it was a pleasure to do so.