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By Chris 03 June 2022

Using the template from Net Lawman removed a considerable amount of stress and anxiety for me. I am a new small business owner and I felt quite overwhelmed about providing a privacy policy for my website and business. This was easy to follow and certainly helped me to get the job done without paying out excessive amounts of money which right now I don't have.

By Caroline Frith 05 March 2022

Really easy to download and edit for my business. I’m a sole trader who has an information only website so it probably covers much more than I need but at least I feel comfortable that I have the legal requirements covered. Thankyou

By Hazel 26 February 2022

It made a daunting task so much easier and more understandable... thank you!

By John 20 February 2022

I have been working on my own website and I needed to add a privacy policy to the site. I didn’t know where to start - until I came across Net Lawman’s templates. The template itself is brilliant and details enough information to understand, and then change where necessary.

By Bradley George 31 December 2021

By Kate 11 December 2021

As a new business owner, who has been building their first website, I really didn’t know know where to start with creating my own Privacy Policy. This template was fantastic and the fact it’s written in plain English was really important for me. It means that not only will my viewers be able to understand it but that I learnt so much just from reading it!

I like the fact I can preview a redacted copy of policies before purchasing or downloading.

I would recommend Net Lawman to anyone who wants legal documents in plain English.

By Philip Long 26 November 2021

Great construct / framework document provided at no cost which is clear and comprehensive. Optional. Chargeable service to tailor and review

By Regina Rauxloh 19 November 2021

I have spent a lot of time finding a template for my website's privacy note and was asked to fill out lengthy and complicated forms asking m about a lot of technical details I simply did not know (e.g. names of the cookies my site uses). Your template was straight forward, easily to amend and very clearly written. Thank you!

By Kate Ashton Voice Artist 02 November 2021

A really useful and comprehensive document. The guidelines were super-clear for people like me with no legal knowledge or understanding, and it was great to have the sections highlighted in blue that needed adapting to suit my own needs/situation. It's generous of you to provide this free service and I hope that through this, you will get future custom; I would certainly not hesitate to come back for other services and, as soon as I get my finished website, will recommend you publicly.

By Zebada Heyes 19 October 2021

Brilliant as always! Have used Net Lawman before and will continue doing so.

By Katie Rose 18 October 2021

Thanks so much for your helpful service.

By Debbie 05 October 2021

Exactly what I needed completely free! Easy & safe to download with clear instructions of how you might edit the template document to suit your needs. I would totally recommend this service. Thank you!

By Myles Runham 01 October 2021

This was very helpful and straightforward. It gave the confidence needed to take steps to organize my privacy policy.

By Needs Mutts - How to love dogs 22 September 2021

Excellent document to provide free of charge. From my perspective (small business with no legal training) it seems to tick the boxes. It was also easy to edit to better suit my individual circumstances. Thank you.

By Beverley 19 September 2021

The whole statement template was easy to use and well explained, perfect for small company like us, much appreciated.

By Orchid English 17 September 2021

Very comprehensive, and easy to edit with the colour coding. We needed this because you can't advertise on LinkedIn without a privacy policy. Thanks very much!

By Arkadiusz Teodorczyk 01 September 2021

Thank you. You really help me.

By Lotte Steiniche 29 August 2021

Net Lawman's website was really easy to use and creating the document i needed was quick and easy. the document has all the information you need and i was really impressed with them. I definitely recommend them and will use them again. Also the customer service and help has been amazing.

By Virginia 26 August 2021

Really clear and easy to use template. Perfect for our social Enterprise. Thank you.

By Westerclose House Cottages & B&B, Exmoor 23 August 2021

Excellent help to our holiday cottage and B&B business on Exmoor.

By iphas 31 July 2021

rapid response enabling focused direction to adapt document for specific organisation

By Charles Smith 10 July 2021

Clearly written and useful with comprehensive coverage for a general situation.

By Paul 08 July 2021

I was in a quandary over a privacy policy for my new online business, and just wanted a template that I could use without any hidden costs. I struggled to find one until I came across this one from Net Lawman. I really appreciate it. Thank you.

By Abigail 04 July 2021

Easy to use, nothing to improve on.

By We Can Do Business 23 June 2021

I have used NetLawman in the past. These templates provide me with time to get on with work and not have to worry about drafting business documents. It is time consuming and expensive so I really value these templates. Its also about peace of mind that they are professionally produced and verified. I would recommend to. others