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By Daniel Dickson 13 July 2018

quick & efficient

By Angus Weir 09 July 2018

Document seems very thorough and easily customisable. The added instructions to help make changes was a good idea which aided the ease of using the document.
A very confusing area (GDPR), which I now feel confident is sorted.

By Syano Musyimi 09 July 2018


By Keith Turner 08 July 2018

Great site, great service, gives you what you need at prices the small businessman can afford, without waiting around.

By Simon Emsley 05 July 2018

The document gave me a really good starting point for our revamped privacy following GDPR.

By David Whitlock 03 July 2018

Thank you for the Privacy Policy template, great for for a fledgling businesss, made me think things through and better understand GDPR.

By Lee Anne Looker 03 July 2018

Your document was very informative and useful. Thank you.

By CHETAN PUGALIA 03 July 2018

A very good template.

By Mike Gill 02 July 2018

An extremely useful template, which can be edited as needed. Many thanks!

By Barbara Gair 28 June 2018

I have a small business doing health things and the people who manage my website suddenly asked me for a privacy policy. I found yours and once I got the hang of it it was really easy to manage, it covered all eventualities, I could discard those that did not apply and I ended up with a very business like looking document which satisfied Government requirements and I was amazed that it did not cost me anything.
I would certainly recommend the Net Lawman service to anyone.

By Franklyn Frantos 27 June 2018

Good service, fast and easy.

By Brigid Watson 26 June 2018

Very helpful and informative, clearly laid out in plain speak. Thank you!

By Sergio Miletic 25 June 2018

Great services!

By Pauline Roberts 25 June 2018

Brilliant template... used as a basis to draft a document for a website. It refreshed my memory as to the key elements that needed to be included.

By A Curtis 25 June 2018

Easy to use and very helpful. Thank you. Will gladly recommend to others.

By Mark Hargreaves 22 June 2018

Easily understood document, highlighted choices and backup notes were great.

By Karen Selby 18 June 2018

Great service, your help was much appreciated.

By Gary Walker 18 June 2018

The Privacy Policy was a comprehensive document with good explanation notes which was very helpful.

By Tim Meadows 16 June 2018

This free document has enabled me to launch a GDPR compliant website for my new small business. I'm very grateful for the service you have provided and will now be purchasing some other legal documents from you. I would definitely recommend your services.

By Crispin Crotty 15 June 2018

This was an excellent document as it fitted exactly what I needed. I will definitely used your services again.

By Mark Cazaly 15 June 2018


By David Pullin 14 June 2018

Excellent service, would recommend to others

By Kevin Gough 12 June 2018

No improvements needed as far as I am concerned. The service was very easy to use and helped us considerably with the creation of our privacy notice. Thank you

By Despina Mooney 11 June 2018

Excellent service, informative website and the best well articulated, well thought out document privacy policy I have seen.

Meets the new standered GDPR, very happy thank you.

By Michael Lombard 11 June 2018

Thanks for the document that we could use.It was most helpful and easy to use and adapt.