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By Mohamed Gamal Ramadan 12 January 2022

Clear easy to use help sheet, documents covers everything.

By Jennifer 16 November 2021

This is an absolutely amazing resource! I had absolutely no idea where to start and this document and the guidance notes it comes with has honestly changed everything. Clear and simple to understand, the guidance notes are detailed but again easy to follow. Could not recommend more! A great price for such a resource, easy to download and edit.

By Karen Jones 14 December 2020

The agreement covered everything and gave a number of options to consider. Very clear guidance and easy to complete. The agreement gave me a level of confidence, thank you

By Michael Widdall 03 November 2020

The template document was easy to download and edit in order to meet our individual circumstances. It was very comprehensive and the detailed guidance notes were excellent. As a result we have produced a very detailed and professional separation agreement at a fraction of the cost had we gone to a solicitor. Overall we found the Net Lawman service to be second to none.

By John Johnston 31 August 2020

Very helpful and informative service.

By Charlene Murray 21 August 2018


By Abby Paterson Houston 12 March 2017

I found the document easy to use and understand just a pity the notes were at the end of the document and not before.
My husband didn't want lawyers involved but I needed confirmation of what I expected from our separation your document provided that.yes I would recommend Net Lawman to others.

By Hayley Emma June Day 25 August 2016

Self explaining document ; easy format. Quick and accurate service.

By David Lamerton 24 July 2015

I found the service to be excellent with them responding very promptly to any questions. The document was clear and very easy to use.

I would recommend them to anyone that needed this kind of service.

By Mohamad Nateqi 23 March 2015

This documen is absolutely brilliant I could highly recommend for everyone
Thanks Netlawman

By Helen Carter 03 March 2015

No improvement needed, your site explained the actual document we needed for our situation. It was easy to understand and edit and the more complicated parts/options were explained.

By Julie Taylor-Brown 08 September 2014

This agreement saved me a lot of time and money. You are able to edit anything else you require, and delete all you don't.

By Rebecca Scott 20 August 2014

The document was fair and gave excellent clear advice.

By Alan Sarll 28 June 2014

Prompt delivery and a fair price for documents that were easy to read and helpfully annotated.

By Sarah Mott 17 June 2014

Excellent service, easy to use and quick to download, would recommend to others.

By Carol Molyneux 19 November 2013

I received the document straight away and the help and guidance was excellent. I bought from you because you were competitive and the form was easy to fill out.
I contacted you through email with some questions that I needed answering and you answered them truthfully and very quickly. I would definitely use you again and recommend you to other people because you do as you say.

By David Golding 15 June 2013

I am very pleased with the document. When completed according to our personal needs it will provide a sound basis for an agreeable solution. Also the comprehensive amount of information provides for a complete understanding of what needs to be considered before any decision is made.The attraction to Net Lawman is the website presentation. This makes it quite easy to understand what is needed, and how it can be used.

By Louise Percival 11 March 2016

It was a blessing to find a document like this and reassuring that it would hold legal status if required.
Meant we could sort things out amicably without needing to pay out thousands to solicitors. I would most certainly recommend the service to others..