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By David 16 November 2020

No improvement necessary - very easy to use

By Mimi Frempong 03 September 2020

By Melanie Burgess 21 August 2020

Easy to find
Easy to download

By Kim 15 August 2020

Clear, easy to understand examples of all the forms needed to apply for a divorce. If I was to add anything to the pack it would be some example paragraphs on types of unreasonable behaviour for some of the most common reasons for marriage breakdown, eg Social Isolation.

By Janet Ilesanmi 26 June 2020

Just like the fact that you’re trying to assist people who are probably disadvantaged.

There are lots of form to choose from , but being readily available is very good

By Caz Barty 28 May 2020

Really helpful information

By Lian 27 February 2020

The forms and information helped me correctly submit the correct form as the guidance notes on the government website are not particular clear to enable people to do this themselves. I found the examples very useful and clear to understand and these aided me.
I would not hesitate to use them again and only wish I had discovered them sooner

By Jon Dodson 21 October 2019

Your document pack with examples and general advice on your site has been extremely helpful in explaining divorce procedures to a Hungarian friend.

By Sean OBrien 19 June 2019

Purely brilliant

By Gordon Wilkie 02 March 2019

My daughter is divorcing her husband who is being difficult about it, I was looking for a particular Form to enable us to understand why he was having difficulty completing it. I managed to find the Form following the download and it just confirmed that he was just being bloody minded.

By Maxine York 25 February 2019

Very helpful, the site is user friendly and the information was very informative.

By Carole Heighton 07 February 2019

You can’t improve I had everything I needed in one place

By Stephanie Ayeh 29 January 2019


By Philip Johns 13 January 2019

The pack downloaded was very comprehensive, I have the confidence to purchase other subject matter documents for the purpose of guidance.

By Yordanka Partalska 02 January 2019

Easy to download, useful!!!

By Pepo Perez 11 November 2018

It was of great help!!

By EWA Holda 30 August 2018

Very good service

By Rose Bowers 08 February 2018

I thought that all the document were excellent - varied for type of divorce and examples helped

By Charles PERRY 05 November 2017

Clear and easy to use and just what I needed. Thank you

By Elizabeth Adeyemi 07 July 2017

The samples were a great help in knowing what the court expects when completing the forms. Very useful service.
Thank you

By Alex Marks 13 February 2017

The document did what was needed. I had a problem editing the PDF your support service was quick and helpful. In the end the problem was at my end I did not realise that I needed a programme or App to use to edit the document but once I did this it was fine.

By Raheema Shaffique 19 February 2016

Very good website with useful documents that are needed when self representing.
I had some of the documents already but it was good to see other documents available and examples of how a filled out document looks like.

By Molly Meakin 08 August 2015

It's a stright foward procedure and accessible easily

By Jannah Rahman 10 November 2014

By Vijay Pun 02 December 2020