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By John 14 September 2021

Very helpful. I used the completed example to help a caller to a charity I work for as a volunteer to try to help him draft his divorce petition. He can't afford a lawyer and this was really useful.

By Beryl 15 February 2021

All the information i needed and extra was in this pack. Thank you

By Funmilola Adeosun 03 September 2020

All/any document you need and all easy to download.
The completed example forms are added bonus, it has helped me greatly in breezing through what
seemed like a daunting task.
Highly recommend Net Lawman.

By Ashley Challice 31 March 2020

By Elizabeth Rawbone 24 November 2019

So easy to down load and use , makes easy work which is needed with these forms , I do recommend them .

By Stephen Pearce 17 September 2019

As it’s now easier to do online these days I found the documents a little bit difficult as I’m on my own now . You have tried to make it as easy as possible which I appreciate very much . I have noticed that I have had no information about the help I can have in payment . I did fill-in a document about low income but nothing since Regards Steve

By Peter Jackson 27 January 2019

Easy to download and simple to use free fully detailed documents without any complicated sign up. I would recommend them to anyone.

By Rory McClure 31 March 2018

Really useful collection all brought together, easy download too. Thanks

By V Cha 24 August 2017

really helpful to have all the duly completed example documents in one place.

By Beverley Morgan 15 August 2017

Wonderful service all the documents I needed downloaded immediately and were exactly what I required. I would definitely use this service again. Thank you.

By Pauline Bridgewater 15 April 2015


By Louise Barr 03 July 2014

Very easy to use.

By Derrick Anthony 16 September 2020

document service good, myself working out in what order to do things difficult.

By Dapo 05 August 2020

I used the sample form which was great help considering there was not much else available. I don't think the D11 form was fully completed, hence 4 (& not the full 5).
I had to dig around and found a few of the missing/unclear answers on other forums. But I appreciate what you have in place as it made my life so much easier. Thank you.

By Gideon Durakli-Grace 10 March 2017

Great that the documents are all pulled together.
It could have been clearer that the mediation form is not required unless you are making a childrens act application, not relevant for a divorce without children issues. Also, having the court forms available in a DOC / word version would be helpful, as PDF editing doesn't work well on Mac and the characters come out all over the place (for us non-windows users).