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By David Tym 18 December 2017

This is about the third or fourth time that I have had various document precedents from Netlawman, and I have always found them very useful, especially as I work as a sole legal advisor without support staff and do all my own typing/word processing.

This set proved perfect for use for a client who wanted the service in a hurry, and I think they were rather surprised that I turned the job around so quickly!

Obviously one has to take care when filling in the blanks, and following the very clear instructions (a good feature accompanying the set of docs) but that's all part of one's job.

Netlawman is the first place I go for such things, and I will continue to do so. Their charges are very reasonable.

By George Gormley 29 November 2014

There is a big gap between good and excellent so I have gone for excellent.
The draft documents were very good indeed and it was easy to follow the sequence of events. I would have liked to see the share premium account mentioned in connection with a reduction in capital. The statement of capital, which has to be downloaded from HMRC website could have been better explained but these are minor points and I am well satisfied with the product.
George Gormley

Net Lawman responds 03 December 2014

The amendments you propose are in drafting. We love to hear how we can improve a document.

By Ken Johns 09 March 2014

Very swift and very efficient. Documents look good.

By RAYMOND STACEY 12 August 2013

The instructions to use and details were straightforward. I used your service because the charges being quoted by solicitors for this procedure were expensive. The solvency statement appeared to be reasonably simple. I will recommend your service.