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By Simon Atkinson 12 April 2020

This is a great service you provide to someone like me ,as a new landlord it feels like a minefield. Also we are in the middle of lockdown with covid 19 and this helped me to deal quickly with the matter in hand.i would definitely recomend this company.Thanks,Simon Atkinson.

By Christine Moreton 05 April 2020

Easy to find and easy to download. Never used this form before but its great and covers everything needed. A lot cheaper than other sites.

By Baljeet 29 March 2020

By Rhianne Hollis 25 February 2020

easy to use and donwload

By Christine Scofield 18 February 2020

Clear and precise instructions. Many thanks.

By Karen Morris 14 October 2019

It wasn't easy to find but was great when I did. Other sites wanted to charge a lot for a notice that I thought would be on the NLA website.

By Nayyeri N 13 October 2019

It helped me to print out and edit the S48

By Rodrigues Mina 19 August 2019

It was useful as the document was very informative.

By Angela Doyle 06 August 2019

The document was exactly what it was meant to be. The copy was easy to download and print. Good service

By Chris Joyce 15 June 2019

Extremely easy to use website. No hidden extra costs like some. Highly recommend.

By Dydy Sodeinde 22 April 2019


By GARY RIVETT 24 March 2019

My concern was that I may have gotten charged or trapped into something without my knowledge.
The item was free and it appears that my concern was unfounded (I have been caught before).
I got what I needed and I would be happy to use your service again with more complex charged for items in the future.

By Ritu Agarwal 13 March 2019

No improvement required

By Peter Powell 30 September 2018

Downloading the Section 48 was quick and easy and the fact that it was free was an added bonus. The document is surprisingly simple but then all I am required to do is inform my tenant of her new landlord's contact details.

Having the back-up advice service was not needed on this occasion but knowing it is there, no doubt at a modest cost, would encourage me to use your services again.

Thank you for making simple what other providers seem to make complicated.

Thank you

By Kulvir Singh 01 October 2014

Straight to the point, concise and easy to edit.

By AVRAHAM SAURYMPER 27 December 2013


By Anita Chan 01 June 2020

The document is useful but seems a bit too simple. Would be good to mention the specific requirements for service of proceedings. No good to get the document right if you don't know how to serve it on your tenant to make it legally effective.

By Andreea 17 January 2020

Easy version of section 48(1) notice, I added to it to include everything I needed but was a good start point, and a free download!

By Julie Butcher 18 October 2019

It was quick and straight forward to get the form and seems to be what we want.

By Michelle Leatham 01 June 2013

Quick and easy service. Document was sufficient for my needs. Many thanks.