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By David Corbridge 16 January 2021

Document fulfils requirements and was easily downloaded.

By Tracey Banner 14 March 2016

Simple and easy to understand and adapt to personal needs. Recommend instead of paying £££ to solicitor.

By Anna Melbourne 10 June 2014

The service was efficient and quick. Excellent document and just what we were looking for, for a fraction of the price of what a solicitor wanted to charge. Thank you

By Heidi Hayes 24 May 2014

Excellent speedy delivery of document. Easy to make alterations specific to our situation. Great guidance in what needs to be in and what is less important.

By Donna Arnold 18 March 2014

The document was very good it had everything in it that I needed and at a great price. I would recommend this service to anyone , it was quick and easy to use.

By Ian Rodger 16 March 2017

The document was well laid out and provided a lot of food for thought for our given circumstances and the things we need to clarify to introduce the agreement.

By Tracey Atkins 16 October 2014

Went on a chance buy and from others testimonials, great service, fast and easy enough to complete. Saved over 500 pounds by completing this document. The fact this is legally binding too. Fab service.

By Beverly Wickett 11 November 2013

Very easy to use and download. I was impressed with how quickly the documents were sent to me and how straight forward they were to use.

By Elaine Rumble 21 October 2013

You appeared to have the expertise that I was looking for. You had a raft of documents that were clearly defined, though I had to scan a few to get what I considered to be the right one. You also supply a money back option which is very important in today's world.
I compared your document to the services of a solicitor and have found that I have made substantial savings by using your facilities. I would recommend Net Lawman on the basis that you have a lot of services to offer and at reasonable rates too.

By Iain Mackay 24 July 2013

I only needed one section of the agreement which I was able to isolate easily. This had been confirmed when I contacted Net Lawman before buying.Of course the critical point is how the contract would stand up in the event of a dispute. I hope that it never comes to that point! So ,query was dealt promptly before purchase, downloaded easily and Copy and pasted easily to fit my requirements.

By Richard Wain 22 June 2013

Good overall.