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By KAREN LAMPORT 28 August 2018

For me the biggest concern about using Net Lawman was whether it would be worth the cost and be written in a way i could understand easily without a back ground in legalities and contracts. Included in the package was an editing legal documents guide which helped do the small amendments i used to personalise it to my specifications. The agreement itself was easy to understand. I think it was good value for money and would use the extra service if needed. I would recommend Net Lawman for the documents and the service they can provide. Having a document that specifies easily what is required in a yard gives me some peace of mind.

By Rolf Martin 22 November 2016

As with any business these days, operating a livery yard requires a good knowledge of the legalities other than the practical skill.
While the majority of clients are easy to deal with, those who are not can present untold challenges.
The way this document is produced enables anyone to tailor it to their specific requirements.
I would definitely recommend this template to anyone in the business.

By Lyndsey Rezai 14 January 2014

Fantastic service. Document covered everything I needed to know, and offered me the protection I required.

By Phillip Pollard 10 January 2014

Fantastic document! Covers everything that i needed it to.

By Sue Baines 20 January 2014

Excellent document - plain English! And clearly written from the perspective of a knowledgeable horse person. I found the document good value for money and will definitely buy others from this site

By Ellen Corinna Salton 09 April 2013

A very concise document and aims to protect the livery yard owner as well as the client ...In my experience many livery yard clients seem to become legal experts as soon as things dont go their way and this document sets out whats what from the start .