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By Dan Byles 29 November 2019

Service is clear and easy to use. We really like the way your documents are written, and the notes are clear and helpful.
One way to improve would be to offer a “startup kit” with all the documents a startup might need in one place. Possibly even a flow diagram with them in order that we will need them.
You lean into this a little bit with your Employee Contracts pack, but you could expand this to include everything (Articles of Association, SHA, Directors Service Contracts, Staff Handbook etc...).
We are a start up and we keep buying documents off you piecemeal. A single location with everything we need, in the order we are likely to need it, would make a lot of sense.

By John Maton 07 May 2015

The non-exective director contract template saved me a great deal of time designing something similar for a charity. I received it on-line within 10 minutes of making my request and paying by Paypal. Excellent service and quality.

Net Lawman responds 01 June 2015

Ten minutes is a long time, but speed depends on your Internet connection.


Well done.