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By Jane Kenny 10 February 2018

Prompt response to my technical query and easy to use site and document.

By Katie Senior 17 September 2017

Excellent outstanding service .
Delighted with the shop rental contract
Would highly recommend using Net lawman very efficient really reliable brilliant firm .
Ordered within minutes arrived within minutes fantastic order now you won't be disappointed

By Kennth Davis 15 February 2017

It couldn't be easier to edit, it is fully comprehensive the standard Lawyer's Lease doesn't cover any more possibilities. I liked it and the Lease was approved by my Tenant..

By John Naylor 03 May 2015

Worried that it would not be a legal document and we would find it difficult to understand.The cost was a major factor and the realisation that a solicitor would probably use one of your documents and charge a great deal more.Found it very easy to edit and plain language easy to understand. We would definitely recommend Net Lawman as it puts you in control and you can have your document checked for extra confidence.

By Edmund Fitch 27 January 2015

Good quick easy web site to use. Perhaps the description of the items cold be better as it took little time to find what I considered the right lease document for a small lock up shop in the High Street of a market town.

The asbestos clause could be re-written as it is too 'back and white'. When asbestos is found in a build can some times be isolated and hence saves the expense of removing it.

The biggest problem I have now is persuading my tenant to sign this lease as it does away with her right for continuation. Any suggestions?

Net Lawman responds 10 February 2015

We see our role as being to protect our document buyer. It is very easy to edit this provision to make it softer for your tenant.

By Stephen Ryder 25 May 2014

Excellent, our tenant is going over it at the moment, I don't foresee any problems with it, in which case it has saved me several hundreds of pounds compared with what our solicitor wanted to charge.

By Martyn Reynolds 04 June 2018

the document is very lengthy, I would prefer a simpler version.

Net Lawman responds 04 June 2018

Unfortunately we have to cover the things that the document covers. Otherwise we'd be providing a lease that doesn't protect the landlord's interests.

By Sarah Robinson 09 March 2017

I found the Document easy to use and to amend. The document most of the needs of the contract, would have liked the opportunity to add a staggered monthly rent payment. ie 2 months free, 4 months @at 700 6 months at £1000.

My only concern was following what legally should be kept in the contract and not removing too much as to not provide protection.
Great service and have used for many simple legal matters. Good Value for money.