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By Sukhandeep Singh 05 August 2019

absolutely amazing, covers all the points.

By Shereena Starmer 08 June 2018

Im very impressed!

I have never employed anyone so this is all new to me, the document covers every thing and in simple terms that make sense to me and a young adult.

What I would like is a standardised editable document for a job description and staff handbook

By Tim Rudd 25 October 2017

Simple to complete document with comprehensive guidance notes.

By Jonathan Norris 29 September 2016

You had what i needed. Honestly just keep doing what you are doing!

By Tim Rudd 11 May 2015

Good value service which "does what it says on the box".

By Dean Osborn 02 December 2013

just what was needed

By Mark Stanton 09 July 2016

Nothing to add but the document seemed the right thing for my first employee who will be an apprentice.