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By Paul Adlington 12 October 2019

Simple and easy document

By Phil Offord 20 June 2019

A well drafted document, good guidance notes and great value for money.

By ANDREW SETH 09 November 2018

Very easy to find the right document for my needs and the document was very comprehensive.

By Paula Tennant 04 April 2017

I have found the Private Grazing or Non-Agricultural Business Use Lease extremely useful. It has saved a lot of money on the cost of a solicitor. We only needed a very basic lease as we rent out a field at the bottom of our garden for £100 per year to a local farmer. This was perfect and the service is very efficient.

By Michael Ormian 11 September 2015

A comprehensive document with useful notes. As a template it offered opportunities to remove or expand on the content.

Has allowed the creation of a simple document but gives us non-legal people a good degree of confidence.

I would certainly recommend your service for speed and efficiency.

By Michael Kitching 20 March 2015

The document covers everything needed for us to let our field for grazing sheep and we can easily remove the parts not needed,but will keep them for future reference.The cost is reasonable compared to what a solicitor would have charged.

By Robert Harris 08 July 2014

Just what I needed.Very easy to edit to suit my requirements.

By Robert Harding 21 March 2014

The service was fast and efficient.The language used is easy to understand which is important for tenants especially.They were able to understand the terms of the lease easily thereby completing quickly.The editing information was very helpful and I would recommend the package.

By Jeremy Lawson 11 March 2014

Very pleased with the clear and helpful way your document is set out, would definitely recommend your services.

By Joseph Orsi 04 January 2014

An excellent document drafted in clear English with good and comprehensive accompanying notes. Highly recommended.

By Francine Bailey 16 August 2013

I was very pleased with my decision to purchase this document. It is easy to understand, the notes are clear and it covers everything I required

By Jane Hubert 03 September 2016

Explanations on website helped me to identify what I needed. Guidance notes helpful in the completion of the product. Information easy to obtain.

By Joe Lapena 25 May 2013

As we are a flying club with little legal knowledge, I think the document we bough was very good.