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By Pauline Richards 26 June 2017

So far so good but not had time to study the form properly. Will let you know.

By Robin Mitchell 01 October 2015

I am a retired Deputy District Judge and solicitor (litigation!). I needed a template to arrange a 5 year lease of a field owned by the village charity in Oxfordshire of which I am the Administrator. The template seemed to include everything that could possibly be required, with helpful notes, etc. I was able easily to cut it down to a suitable size for the circumstances.

By Cath Marshall 01 October 2014

I have found this website most useful. It is clear and I was logically led to select the correct agreement for my situation. The document is clear to fill in, if rather daunting, but I was led in a concise path, working my way through step by step.All in all,would use again to save on expensive solicitor costs when solicitor letters are not necessary.

By Matthew Bown 16 June 2014

fantastic documentation, perfect for my use. would highly recommend as the level of customer service was superb!

By Richard Pitt 30 January 2014

This is the second time I have used Net Lawman. I returned knowing that I would find the information I needed to choose the right document and I would access good customer support if needed.

As previously, the information on the website was detailed enough to educate me about what document I would need. It guided me through the alternatives and gave me the confidence that I was choosing the right document.

The clear distinction between which sections of the document need my decisions and which should stay as they are is very helpful, and the notes accompanying gave me confidence to configure it to our needs.
I would recommend Net Lawman to others because of the clarity and background information that is available before you buy, allowing you to make an informed decision.

By Vida Duncan 27 August 2013

I am so pleased I purchased a more up to date document from Net Lawman instead of relying on an outdated FBT document. The changes made me realize how important it is to keep up to date with legal documents and unless one is dealing with this on a day to day basis changes can take place without being aware of them. The template is very easy to personalise, I like the way the formatting always changes automatically and the explanatory notes are just that - simple to read and understand.

By Janet Ann Porter 14 August 2013

The document was very clear and concise and also fair to both parties. Your help much appreciated.

By C Sandham 08 March 2013

Excellent. I have completed my deed and exchanged with my tenant. And saved myself 45£ .

By Edward Watts 21 March 2013

Well put together & reasonably easy to follow. Some 'legalese' in a few paragraphs takes a bit of digesting. Helpful advice e.g. requirement to have a notice of intenet & to register FBTs over 7 years with the land registery. Useful to have in word format so as to be able to edit for individual circumstances and guidance as to what should/ should not be ammended. It should be suitable for our use, establishing a tenancy between family members on one holding & a new FBT to a 3rd party on a second smaller hollding.