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By Edna 18 November 2021

Good choice of will templates, both free and with a review. Advice was given about which one suited our needs best. It was easiest to fill it in online and I chose to have it reviewed. I got one question wrong but the helpful reviewer revised it to read as per my wishes. A really good service, thank you so much.

By Olive Henry 18 September 2021

The documents were so easy to follow, I would never have done it on my own. Thank you for such a great service.

By Deborah Ann 11 August 2021

I was concerned that the product and service would be less efficient than a face-to-face consultation but my questions were answered promptly and I believe the resulting Will does what I want it to do with less fuss and expense. I would recommend Net Lawman to anyone who wants a simple and streamlined service without the inconvenience of going to a solicitor's office.

By Stephen 07 September 2020

I was a bit tentative about doing it online, but I found the procedure relatively easy. It was clear wording, and it didn't take long to go through it. I can't think, at the moment, of anything that would make the procedure trouble free.

By Alan Mitchell 26 July 2019

Thought it might be difficult and to use but was very straightforward. Website is clear and I liked the additional notes that give those extra little details which are important e.g. stapling the documents, putting all the signatures on same page etc. Would def recommend to others.

By Aneta Sanders 31 May 2019

Easy to create and navigate, very helpful, thank you.

By Sara Smith 28 May 2019


By Beryl Mary Hunter 26 April 2019

This service helped me to create my own will in the knowledge that it was a legal document after it was reviewed and minor amendments suggested.

By Derek Lamb 07 March 2019

I have very little money so the free service meant so much to me. I can now move on knowing the people I want to get my money instead of those in my previous will.
Happy to recommend to others .

By Margaret Booth 04 January 2019

This allowed me to create my own will without the expense of paying a solicitor. The fact that I now have it as a word document means that I can easily amend it in the future if I wish. I did struggle a bit with understanding some aspects of it so I finished up downloading it and then re-doing it on line as well. It certainly made me clarify things in my own mind and also guided me towards writing a letter of intent to be stored with my will.

By AROUNA MONTAGUE 15 October 2018

Felt a kit of hard work has gone in to production of these and allows people to access them for free.

By Lynda Price 07 April 2018

Easy to use, clear and unambiguous.

By Olive Henry 19 March 2018

No improvement needed; everything was done on a grade A basis for me. Thank you for your service.

By Rosalind Hodge 08 March 2018

Quick, easy and free, what more could you want? I have recommended the service to friends and family.

By Madge Stubbings 27 January 2018

Genuinely free and easy to use.
I used it for my stepmother who has now passed away and it had no problems raised. I now have used it for myself.

By Irshad Ahmed 19 January 2018

Great experience, everything was so easy and in simple English to understand - Great website !!

By Matthew Beavon 19 January 2018

Amazingly simple to produce what I needed and free! Hard to believe in this day and age but true. Excellent.

By Lee Thomas 20 August 2017

Very easy notes to help me understand. Emailed quickly. Print compatible.

By Stuart Roe 12 July 2017

It was so easy being taken through the process step by step. The final document being emailed direct to me ready to print. I can't think of anything easier.

By Clare Tinston 14 June 2017

Very easy to navigate the webform and the document (will for a married man with children) came through quickly. One very small point there are a couple of places where the spacing isn't correct so two words are next to each other where there should be a space between, easily resolved though.

By Deborah Anne Knox 09 June 2017

I had no concerns using netlawman after reading some reviews,I downloaded the free will document which is extremely simply worded and easy to understand ,I would recommend using your company to anyone without any hesitation whatsoever.

By Peter Finigan 14 May 2017

Great service for straight forward wills.
Saved me and my father a fortune in fees.

By Paul Sharpe 29 April 2017

As it says on the tin - simple to use, and the will is easy to understand in plain English. The guidance notes are very useful and again in plain english. Also the document really is free, with no con to sign up or give credit card details. On that basis, that you are open and honest, I would certainly consider using Net Lawman again for paid for service. Would recommend to others.

By David Southard 20 November 2016

The drafting service is excellent and the option to have the will professionally checked and stored is helpful.

I would certainly recommend Net Lawman to others.

Thank you.

By Alan Mitchell 09 November 2016

I wanted a straightforward way to produce a simple uncomplicated will. This was ideal for my needs and the guidance notes made it easier to understand some of the protocols and jargon. The fact that it was free was an added bonus!