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By Adrian 16 June 2021

Great value for money - my POC was helpful, knowledgeable and responsive too.
However, I REALLY think you should consider the added option of real-time video/audio calls to discuss matters first or even during. 30 minute chunks might be best. Email is a bit clunky (but necessary) and a Zoom call, or similar, would give you the added income benefit.

By Barrie Tilley 20 May 2021

very good service prompt and thorough
far more economic than going to solicitors
who charge far more
very pleased with the service
It would help if there was a phone service but I suppose customers may take advantage !

By Sam 10 May 2021

I heavily edited one of Net Lawman's template agreements and paid for the review service to reassure myself I had not made any legal mistakes. I found the review to be more comprehensive and thoughtful than I anticipated which meant I could use the agreement with confidence. I think Net Lawman offers excellent value for money and I would have no hesitation in using the products and review service again.

By Coastguards Contemporary Ltd 26 April 2021

Thank you for your swift and helpful response. The document was clear and professional. Your review process was very efficient and has given me confidence that my document is now fit for purpose.

By Lifewing Consultants Ltd 18 March 2021

This is a brilliant service. Shama was great in advising us which document was appropriate for us and we paid for the review service which was invaluable . Any queries we had with regards to contract wording were explained in details and the company is highly professional. I would have no hesitation in using them again in the future.

By Erica Tago-Chu 13 February 2021

Sharma, was very helpful and knowledgeable. Clarified any areas that I was unsure about and was very efficient. Great to have this kind of support at this level of pricing and professionalism.

By Stuart 08 February 2021

I downloaded Net Lawman's Shareholder Agreement template and used its document review service to check through it once completed. I felt the review was thorough and I received timely responses from the reviewer to all of my questions. Positive experience - would certainly use Net Lawman again. Many thanks.

By Penny Ward 27 January 2021

Shama was very efficient and knew what I wanted immediately somehow, very intuitive and got straight onto the job which was terms and conditions for trade, giving credit etc which I haven't done before so I needed guidance to ensure our T&C's were tight . He was very knowledgeable and so quick, it was all done same day so no delays getting these uploaded to our website. I had not dealt with with Net Lawman before so was a bit sceptical and careful at first but I soon got confidence because they were so professional and explained things very well in lay terms. I will definitely return to them for more legal advice in the future, much better value than pricey law firms I used to use and glad I took the decision to work with this organisation. I would highly recommend and I am very pleased with the advice overall. No issues at all, thank you for your help. Penny @ Perfect Pawtions

By Karen 19 January 2021

Very helpful from start to finish. Prompt response to our queries. A professional service and good value for money. Thank you!

By Andrew 02 December 2020

Good clear process which is easy to follow and very useful review option. Great alternative to using high street solicitors for straightforward requirements and far more cost effective.

By Marie-Claire Picking 01 December 2020

excellent, good value for money

By William 30 November 2020

Thank you, the quality of the Netlawman experience is high with regard to communication, clarity, courtesy, helpfulness and knowledge of the subject.
The turnaround speed was high.
I felt it was good value for money

By Kenneth Seward 12 November 2020

I highly recommend Netlawman for the standard and ease of use of their online legal document service. Their staff are very professional in their approach, helpful and obliging and have responded promptly to all requests and enquiries. Furthermore the checking service is good value and saves significantly on the cost of appointing a solicitor to do the same work. I will definitely be using their services again.

By Nicole 17 September 2020

My review so far for Netlawman

Impressed with service, products and system for customisation if required, speed at which contact is made for support, work undertaken and additions made into the contract from understanding my goals.

5/5 so far for courtesy and helpfulness, knowledge of subject, speed and efficiency, professionalism and value for money.

My one recommendation is sometimes it helps to spell things out as if you were talking to a 10 year old as if the customer has baby brain as in my personal scenario, the beyond basic approach to explaining things goes a really appreciated and long, helpful way! :)

Great job guys, very glad I found you.


By Antony Foster 16 September 2020

Great service and response.
Great formatting and information provided

By Rick 01 September 2020

Professional response received carried out with a quick turnaround

By Peripoint Limited 19 August 2020

Fantastic service. The template document we purchased was comprehensive yet easy to understand, well formatted, and the guidance provided for tailoring the document was spot on.
The document review service was superb. After submitting the document we received a courtesy acknowledgement almost immediately and the review was completed and returned to us with corrections, alterations and feedback very quickly within 24 hours. Follow up queries were responded to promptly. As a result of the quality of the template and the friendly, helpful and engaging approach of the reviewer, we now have our document completed much quicker than I ever imagined. The whole experience from start to finish was excellent.

By Nikki Zanna 07 August 2020

This was the first time I have used Net Lawman and it was a great experience. The document was very thorough and the review service was exceptional. My document was reviewed, edited and completed within a few days. I will definitely use Net Lawman again.

By Luigi 15 June 2020

Very professional and very efficient.

By Georgie Taylor 08 May 2020

My experience was good. Shama was helpful and concise, and all my queries were answered. I now have a full understanding of how to ensure i keep hold of the tax advantages in running a furnished holiday let. Thank you!

By Simon 08 April 2020

Easy-to-use template with clear explanatory notes. Prompt review service with simple and practical advice. Overall a professional service offering excellent value.

By Simon Menneer 26 March 2020

This is quite an outstanding service. We had been looking to spend more than £1k to get our privacy policy sorted. There were some in the organisation who were sceptical of what we would get for £114. The quality of the mark-up and detailed explanations put an end to all doubts. Very quick turnaround. Highly user-friendly. Cannot find anything which wasn't pretty much perfect.

By Elaine Brooks 24 December 2019

Replies were prompt and courteous. Good to have a ‘clean’ document ready to send out. Good value for money and I would use again if required.

By Tina Hadley 22 November 2019

Absolutely perfect service

By Gayle Currie 18 September 2019

Great communication from outset with easy to follow and helpful advice.
Turnaround of review service was excellent. Saved a lot of money.