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By Andrew Lynch 10 June 2019

How am I expected to review a product which I know very little about and will only be useful and tested in court should the borrower default.
All I can say is that correspondence was dealt with promptly as promised. The document is easily understood and seems explicit in its nature. It is likely because of the value and experience I had on this occasion that I would use Net Lawman again.

By Coralie Murphy 06 May 2019

We paid for the legal review and we were glad we did. The document was easy to use and even though I thought I'd got everything perfect Shama made some sensible amendments. I feel much more confident now about the Agreement.

The service was very fast (on a bank holiday!), professional and friendly, even when I added some changes after the initial review.

I definitely recommend the service. It was much easier than finding a traditional solicitor, more efficient, quicker and cheaper.

By Sarah Lowther 10 April 2019

Very pleased with the level of knowledge and assistance provided by Net Lawman's review service. The replies were speedy and efficient and we now have full confidence in our terms and conditions fully complying with the Consumer Act.

By Fearless Engagement Limited 08 April 2019

Ultra professional, clarity of explanations in layman's terms, the service was easy, responsive and definitely value for money. I will use them again and again. Have already recommended to colleagues.

By THB Financial Solutions Limited 08 April 2019

I found this to be an excellent service. Shama was extremely helpful at each juncture, knowledgeable and had an immediate grasp of my requirements. I would have no hesitation in recommending this service.

By Jamal Khan 11 February 2019

Shama was very helpful and displayed strong technical knowledge. Thank you.

By Chris Alton 26 January 2019

No question about value for money.
The guidance associated with the agreement was very clear and helpful.
I was very satisfied with the speed of the editing service and the professionalism of the staff.

By JAMES ALLEN 14 December 2018

Your team has been very patient and professional, well done!

By Hayley Copley 07 December 2018

As a small company, the thought of preparing a Privacy Policy to comply with GDPR was quite daunting. Having read the reviews on Net Lawman we decided to download the free templates and accompanying notes. After altering the document slightly to fit our business, we paid for the document review service. In less than 24 hours of uploading our Privacy Policy, we received an email explaining the changes that had been made to our wording, an edited version of the document and a prepared clean copy of the Privacy Policy ready for our use. It could not have been any easier and it has been excellent value for money. I would not hesitate to either recommend Net Lawman or use them again. Very professional and helpful, thank you very much.

By John Stokes 02 December 2018

Very good service ,very helpful no complaints whatsoever.

By Garry Ly. 29 October 2018

I needed to put together a simple agreement for money I was loaning to relatives. Typical high street solicitors either were too expensive or simply did not wish to help (surprisingly). I after a little searching stumbled upon Net Lawman and after reading previous reviews I decided based on the cost being advertised how could I lose. Once I received the downloaded documents I then decided to utilise their checking service, which was a little more expensive than just downloading documents that you otherwise modify.Well I have to say I found them very helpful, professional and I am so glad I requested their checking service as they made adjustments that made this agreement more legally binding. I simply cannot fault their service, it was quick, professional and I have to say very good value for money, it gave me exactly what I required and I would most certainly use their services again in the future. Perfect!

By Mr Farrugia 22 October 2018

Used Net Lawman's legal document service, and was very impressed with the quality and speed of service. Document was well laid out and easy to amend to my purpose, and the feedback given took into account what I was trying to do, and offered improvements. (Even got a helpful reminder to use the document checking service, which was very welcome.) Although a web service, has felt like I've been dealing with people, and their professionalism has given me confidence. All told, for me it's proved a good value for money service, which I'm likely to use again.

By Marianne Berge 27 July 2018

fast and good service

By Nicky Forsyth 07 June 2018

I will definitely use again. Thomas was incredibly helpful and very swift in his responses. Would thoroughly recommend to any one who is seeking value for money on having their documents reviewed.

By Kate Harriet Mallinder 07 June 2018

I bought a family loan agreement with the option to have it checked over by a solicitor. The service was excellent, and the draft returned the next morning. Amendments were made accordingly and the explanations regarding the changes were clear and concise. It has proven to be an excellent service, very professionally executed with friendly staff. I feel confident that our loan agreement is exactly what we need and that it has been professionally checked to ensure it is legally standing. Well worth it!

By Neil Stapley (Dadooda Limited) 14 May 2018

Comprehensive privacy policy document. Purchased review option which proved a good value. Excellent service with a courteous, helpful and quick response, including to follow-up question. Highly recommended. Will definitely use again.

By Jenni Miller 03 May 2018

By Tria Limited 18 April 2018

Great service and value for money. I finished up with precisely the legal agreement I wanted. The team went the "extra mile" to help me with this and were very courteous in the process. The review was fast, as was the turn around on any supplementary questions I had. Everything was made extremely clear and all the responses were professional and clearly based on a thorough understanding of the law.

By Charl Ackerman (The Barbery London Ltd.) 12 April 2018

As a small start-up I have to spend wisely. I used Net Lawman's Shareholders' Agreement at first and then following a positive experience, I returned for their Director's, Loan and Unpaid Non-Exec Director agreements.
The paragraph-specific explanatory notes with every document were really helpful - written in plain English, making the legal points easy to understand and suggesting different ways to think about how each might impact the business.

The document review service gave me the opportunity to ask detailed questions about the more complex clauses in my Shareholder Agreement and also explore different approaches to satisfy the shareholders' requirements. It ultimately gave me the comfort of knowing that my investment in the company is protected and it allowed me present with confidence the document to my fellow shareholders, able to respond to their questions. Response times were less than the estimated 72 hours with correspondence friendly, professional and clear at all times. It was definitely money well spent.

By Tria Limited 04 April 2018

The service provided was excellent and way beyond expectations. It represented remarkably good value. The template agreement was very clear and the review process was really useful and fast. The Net Lawman team could not have been helpful and courteous.

By Rosie Waite 08 March 2018

This service was extremely efficient and professional and we got a response very quickly on all occasions. We had been quoted 3 times the price by a solicitor who in fact did nothing for 8 weeks and so we are very satisfied on all counts.

By Alison Bloxham 01 March 2018

I have been very impressed by the speed of response to my enquiries and also to reviewing my documents. This is certainly a lot better than when I have used Solicitors in the past. Despite all my initial enquiries I ended up purchasing the wrong document and spent many hours preparing it ready for review, only to then be told it was the wrong one for my needs. However, the correct document was then provided very speedily at no extra charge and was much easier to complete. The review process then took only 2 days for me to get my complete document returned with all necessary amendments. I am delighted at the service and the savings made - my co-director and I had been given an estimate of £2-3000 EACH to complete the work despite our easy situation! Not even close comparison so we are both delighted at the outcome.

By Joseph Sim 17 January 2018

Initially i wasn't quite sure about using their services, as it seemed so much cheaper than using my solicitor (almost too good to be true). But then i just decided to give it a try on one document and I was so impressed that i ended up getting the four document I needed from them.

Most were fairly straight forward, but for the more detailed ones, I got reviews done, which were very useful. They were very quick at responding, answering any questions I had and adding any special requests or clauses that I needed. They were very patient with my barrage of questions and gave me answers in simple English that led to me fully grasping what certain sections of the contracts meant. Highly recommend.

By Sinead Brown 30 October 2017

I submitted a Residential deed of surrender to be checked, I have been so impressed with Shama on your team as this was returned back to me in under 2 hours.
It has been so worthwhile using your service as I was looking for an option that was better value for money compared to a high street lawyer. My questions have been answered efficiently and politely. I would not hesitate to recommend Net Lawman or use them again.

By Semper Virens Ltd 11 October 2017

I found the variety of legal documents and areas covered very comprehensive, the guidance for editing and completing the document is very good. I have used the service a couple of times and the extra cost of their review option is worth it for peace of mind but for the simpler documents probably not always necessary. It has also been exceptionally speedy to get answers to queries or a review all within the space of a couple of days. To compare a simple legal document on here for under £40 and an estimation from my usual solicitor of £1400 there was really no issue deciding which way to go.