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As well as providing high quality legal documents, comparable (or superior) to the ones your solicitor would draw, we aim to give you the best service possible as well. We always ask our customers for feedback. Here is what they say about using Net Lawman...

Christopher st james
Great to be able to download and use a variety of legal documents for all types of lettings.
AsiaEx Consulting Singapore  
Simple to use, no silly file format issues that plague the US sites. Well done.
David Robertson
Great service - a wide choice of comprehensive legal documents at sensible prices. The documents are easy to amend and in plain English. Fantastic!
David Williams
Dedicated and professional .. the very best service I have ever experienced online.
Wentworths Solicitors
Better we buy the latest basic version of what we do for the clients; keeps us up to date and always gives a flying start to our draftsmanship skills.
Cornerstones Lettings Carmarthen
Your site is very easy to understand I have used you a few times and you are the best on line.
Kemet Services International
We use Net Lawman because it is an excellent website and always has the document you are looking for.
Very helpful in securing the legal documentation we required in order to continue to carry out our retail business in a professional manner.
Paul Tracey
I purchased the document to update legal precedent. Straightforward and easy to complete. It did the job with economy of verbiage.
Diane Bantten
Easy to find use. Plain English. Good precedent.
Tellurion OSS Pvt. Ltd.
Fits requirements. Easy to find. Good value.
Efficient & fast way to create legal docs.
Search Marketing Group
Great Website and very informative and easy to use.
Sunexpress Transport Solutions
We were very happy with the documents!
I have been really impressed by your service and will use your company again, and more importantly, recommend it.
Solar Systems
Good Information ,Help & documentation at the right cost True Value for Money.
Oi! Business Telecoms Ltd.
I found using Netlawmans website very helpful and user friendly. When sourcing legal documents to assist our business needs, I found it very quick and informative. The whole process was completed within minutes.
Apex Accountancy & Tax Services Ltd.
I have used netlawman for over 3 years, and have always found the legal agreements I need are excellent, for my own company and my clients. Their prices are lower than most, and their website is really easy to use. I would recommend them to everyone.
Don Eade
Reasonable price. Contained just the layout and info I needed. Saved time in production and of course legal fees.
Terry Lipscombe
Ease of finding what is wanted. The document fits the purpose and saved a lot of time.
Brett Wilson
Simply you are easy to work with and reasonably priced. I could edit the document . This word version was exactly what I was looking for. We were easily able to replace old out of date forms.
Clive Bonny
The document was clear to read, easy and quick to use. I will recommend Net Lawman due to ease of usability.
iTMS Software Pty Ltd
A very useful find for an SME looking for good legal documentation.
Steadfast Building Services
Very comprehensive and easy to read documents. Highly recommend.
Great resource for a small business like ours. Affordable and professional legal documents that would otherwise cost us a bundle.
Warren Brogden
A great site for small business owners. I have required two documents and you have been able to provide both at a modest cost. Both documents have met with my requirements and saved me on legal fees. Keep up the good work.
Paul Adams
Paul Adams Associates Legal Services has used Net Lawman online legal documents on numerous occasions and have found their service to be very efficient and cost-effective. I have no hesitation in recommending Net Lawman to my associates.
Dr. Smarajit Roy
Brilliant. I am most grateful to Net Lawman. Your service standard is unparallel. I would strongly recommend any individual or organisation to Net Lawman.
House Seekers Ltd.
The service received is excellent and extremely fast. For busy agents, this service is an absolute gem.
Spicer and Moore Ltd.
Quoted £1000 by my companies law firm - paid £10 with Net Lawman.
Bev Walker-Pugh
Easy to find documents and good explanations for each What I wanted. Quick delivery. Saved money on legal fees.
Charlotte Heather
Wide array of options to choose from, and the opportunity to email for assistance in deciding. Knowing it was a legal viewpoint, and therefore sound advice.
Martha Walker
I was recommended to you some time ago - many thanks for an excellent document. I have you in my favourites Easy to navigate website - clearly displayed and simple to understand. Very easy to use and edit document in clear English. It has enabled me to present a professional and relevant document to my customers with ease. I will recommend Net Lawman due to easy to use website, documents in clear English and easy to edit, very reasonable and prompt.
Great site, so effective, gives you what you need when you need it, no waiting around.
John Oxley
Easy to use website, good value for money, easy to edit and easy to understand document.
Kevin Jones
Makes me wonder why I have spent so much for so long with lawyers who charge £200+ per hour and take ages to make something complex!
I needed to start a company fast, I searched and after looking at a few websites I came across netlawman, by far the easiest around. I will be looking again for when I need future documents fast. Thank you.
CCF(Automotive) Training & Consultancy Ltd.
We are a small UK business who can not afford our costs to get out of control. NetLawman is a great option for young small businesses.
Roy Butterworth
Easy and fulfilled my needs. The documents are accepted by the other parties solicitors without my waiting for my own solicitors to act. Professional documents, easy to use saved my time and money
Jonathan Murphy
We find this site an excellent source for legal documents which we require from time to time in our business. We would highly recommend using this site.
Pilar Torres Wahlberg
If only everything was as reliable as NetLawman. We have used them on numerous occasions & they deliver without fail. Whether we require off the shelf legal documents, bespoke contracts or even ad hoc advice they are there for us. It is like having our own legal team but without the costs that this would entail. Pickaweb has no hesitation in recommending NetLawman as one of our best suppliers.
Dr. Vidya Chakravarthy
Thanks very much! I found your website Netlawman very usefull.I am sure to recommend your website to others as well. And I will in the future use other documents. Cheers
Ian Binks
First class . Written in accessible English - consistently to "you" and rendered down to the true essentials. Saved a great deal of time!
Dan White
Net Lawman has helped me through several procedures. The documents in plain English, the drafting service and the delightful customer service means I can get the job done properly, at a price that doesn't affect a small businesses bottom line. Thank you!
Wendy Auger
I needed an Agreement and Google, as always, was where I headed. I found the Net Lawman site and initially I thought I needed a relationship type Agreement but the Lodger one was absolutely perfect.

I didn't think it would be so easy so would recommend your website to anybody who was looking for an Agreement to suit their needs.
Chris T.
I used Netlawman.co.uk to pre-work some contracts for my lawyer. He came back stating that the forms were 'excellent' and saved me several billable hours.
Diane Bantten (Acquit Debt Recovery)
I have used you in the past and am always impressed!
Shireen Arthur
I was really pleased with my recent experience of using Net Lawman. I was able to obtain important legal documents, needed to support my small business. Net Lawman understood my needs and provided fast and efficient service without incurring the significant costs of a traditional law firm. I would both recommend and use Net lawman again
Philip Starr
Excellent service and easy to use. I've used a variety of open source/low cost downloads in the past, many that come with hidden issues (normally right at the end) and end up frustrated, but the document was clear, well laid out and true to the description. Professional looking and I was able to use the document accordingly. I would certainly recommend as an alternative to some of the more frustrating online document producers that I've seen.
Jeremy Riches, Peripoint Consulting
Fantastic service. The template document we purchased was comprehensive yet easy to understand, well formatted, and the guidance provided for tailoring the document was spot on.
The document review service was superb. After submitting the document we received a courtesy acknowledgement almost immediately and the review was completed and returned to us with corrections, alterations and feedback very quickly within 24 hours. Follow up queries were responded to promptly. As a result of the quality of the template and the friendly, helpful and engaging approach of the reviewer, we now have our document completed much quicker than I ever imagined. The whole experience from start to finish was excellent.
Jacqueline Hammond
The customer service, advice and documentation received by Net Lawman has been brilliant, it’s easy to use and spot on for our We were initially nervous about the authenticity of the web based site but were suitably reassured which prompted our purchase.

The plain English within the legal framework made the document accessible. I would highly recommend
Clive Liebmann
Working with Net Lawman has been an excellent and seamless process. I was surprised how effective, high quality and still affordable an online legal service could be.

They provided genuine and nuanced expertise on the subject, offered clear and understandable explanations and were always very quick to reply and offer support.

I'd definitely consider using their services for any future projects requiring any legal element
Linda Francis
1. I found Netlawman on a DuckDuckGo search (NOT Google, which can be v nosey and controlling). Netlawman was very near the top of the search results which can be the first indication of a company on its toes (tick)

2. I was reassured to see that they are perfectly open with 'real' address(es) and contact details so it can be checked on Streetview - that's where Google DOES come in handy - as a bona fide office, not just someone's back bedroom in a street of anonymous housing (tick)

3. I also did a check on Companies House and Endole to make sure they have a few years track record behind them AND that they are up to date with their year end accounts etc - so probably not dying on its feet with disarray in the boardroom (tick)

4. I looked at some of the testimonials on the Netlawman site, knowing that sometimes customer 'reviews' can be faked, but these ones had the ring of human truth, not AI-generated. I also checked on Trustpilot which is pretty careful and rigorous as far as I can tell. Glowing reports there, too - (tick)

5. I then looked at their very full notes and templates with lots of clear, helpful info for the uninitiated (tick)

6. I duly paid upfront for the middle option of support and, in collaboration with my friend, filled in the editable Friends & Family Loans Agreement template. So far so good

7. The first sinking feeling I had was that I had difficulty using the Lawyer Assist service: I duly saved and tried to send our editable .docx file via the facility. It kept giving an error message. In the end I tried an email with the .docx file attachment. Still nothing (uh-oh!)

8. I gave it a few days as I wasn't sure how much turnaraound time to allow and didn't like to badger them. Time was pressing, though. Then I both emailed and messaged them via their online 'contact' facility, trying to find out what had happened (fingers crossed)

9. Almost by return I had a message from Shama (outside UK office hours, so presumably in the India office, which is a great help re giving a 24/7 service). Shama said she had checked and returned her suggestions to our layman's draft within 24 hours of receiving it. Amazing! (tick)

10. Rashid suggested I check my spam box - and sure enough, there was Shama's file back to us, v carefully tailored to our needs and so helpful. (tick)

11. I adjusted my spam checker to allow in further correspondence with anyone from Netlawman (fingers crossed)

12. Shama was efficiency and helpfulness personified in guiding us to the final version. With gratitude, relief and a true feeling of achievement my friend and I have now printed and signed two clean copies, one each to keep (tick)

So I make that 8 ticks, one 'uh-oh!' and two 'fingers crossed' out of 5 stars! Is that mathematically possible? Anyway, apart from the heart-sinking technical hitch at the beginning, it's been an exceptionally reassuring, smooth process - and with such courteous and super-quick response. Thankyou Netlawman, and ESPECIALLY Shama!

- But please do sort out the glitches I encountered when trying to send files or make contact via Lawyer Assist. I wonder how many would-be customers have left in disappointment at that point? Afterwards I discovered that the file sped off when saved in PDF format but I nearly did give up and cut my losses by stages 7 and 8, never to return...

But now I KNOW I'll be recommending Netlawman at any opportunity and will certainly come back when needing good, honest guidance on any other lawyerly matter

With warmest thanks again for all your help

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