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The General Data Protection Regulation requires you to tell all people whose personal data you process about how you use that data. Those data subjects include your employees and contractors.

This notice allows you to comply with the law by notifying employees of what data you process, what basis you do this on, and employee rights to see that data and keep it updated.

Your edited version of this document could either be provided to employees with a copy of an employment contract or contract for services, or published on a company intranet.

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About this notice

This employee data protection policy is an internal HR document for use by employers and staff. It complements your website privacy policy, which is written for customers, as a document written for employees and contractors.

The policy is suitable for any business or organisation.

The policy covers what data is collected, under what legal grounds it is stored and used (contractual for current and prospective staff, and because of one or more legal obligations for previous employees), and what rights data subjects have with respect to their data used by you.

Note that this document is not a policy for how data within an organisation should be handled, for example, that certain types of data should be stored encrypted. Such a policy could differ so much between organisations (or even departments within the same organisation), that producing a one-size-fits-all template is very difficult.

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The contents of the document cover:

  • Data processed
  • Legal basis under which it is processed
  • Rights to access and removal
Sample staff data protection policySample page from the staff data protection policy

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19 October 2019
Pocholo Talampas
Great Service
12 October 2018
I have used Net Lawman before and I have found their documents to be clear and concise. The documents are written in such a way that with very little editing from the original you have exactly what you need.
A top resource for anyone faced with contemplating the writing and distribution of a legal document. Net Lawman take the pain out of every part of the process. I thoroughly recommend them.
Their services give you the confidence to know that your documents are correct and compliant.
David Tudge
Easy To Adjust
23 July 2018
The document was easy to understand and adjust to my requirements. The language used was simple and there were no spelling mistakes or typos (surprisingly this is not always the case when purchasing documents from other sites).

My only tiny comment would be in relation to the comments which are at the back. You either need to keep scrolling to the end or copy and paste another document so that you can see the actual text you're working on and all the useful comments side by side.
Aleksandra Sasin
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