Employment policies

Our model employment policies provide frameworks that can be easily adapted to suit you business. These model policies aid compliance with employment legislation and help protect businesses of all sizes and types from employee misbehaviour.


    No smoking policy

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    This policy helps your organisation to comply with health and safety legislation and should make enforcement of non-smoking areas easier.

    It includes background information for your staff:

    • principles and reasons for implementing the policy
    • references to Health Act 2006 and The Smoke Free (Signs) Regulations 2012

    We also include practical suggestions for the smooth implementation and enforcement of the policy.

    Fire safety policy

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    This is a flexible and adaptable model fire safety policy that can be adapted for any organisation in order to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 as amended by the Fire Safety Act 2021 and The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022, The Fire Safety (Wales) Regulations 2021.

    It has two main functions:

    • to help ensure that all employees are aware of fire safety procedures - both in their work area, and the workplace as a whole
    • to records the goals of your organisation as to fire assessment, and thus help ensure compliance with current fire safety legislation

    It is an essential policy for any business as the regulations apply to visitors to your premises as well as your staff.

    It covers:

    • your obligations to help staff know what to do in case of fire
    • the appointment of a "responsible person" to carry out fire assessments
    • detailed provisions for fire safety and evacuation procedures
    • employees’ duties
    • communication and consultation provisions

    Staff data protection policy

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    The General Data Protection Regulation requires you to tell all people whose personal data you process about how you use that data. Those data subjects include your employees and contractors.

    This notice allows you to comply with the law by notifying employees of what data you process, what basis you do this on, and employee rights to see that data and keep it updated.

    Your edited version of this document could either be provided to employees with a copy of an employment contract or contract for services, or published on a company intranet.

    Equal opportunities and non harassment policy

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    This policy addresses all types of discrimination and harassment including age, religious, racial, sexual, and bullying and victimisation.

    It is suitable for use within any type of organisation.

    It covers every aspect of the employment process, from initial interviews through to dismissal.

    Implementing such a policy will help you defend your organisation against unfair accusations of harassment and make sure that employees are able to report harassment, whether they are the victims or a witness.

    Drug and alcohol misuse policy

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    This document sets out employee obligations with regards to alcohol and drug misuse, as well as the employer's rights to act upon this policy.

    It provides a framework under which employees can seek help in order to resolve any addictions, rather than a framework under which they will automatically be punished.

    Such a policy increases the likelihood that employees will approach an employer openly about an addiction issue rather than keeping it concealed. This in turn reduces productivity and increases the risk of accidents.

    It allows you to comply with a number of pieces of legislation: the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, which make employers responsible for prohibiting drug and alcohol misuse at work.

    If your employees drive in the course of their employment, you should be aware of additional duties under the Road Traffic Act 1988 and the Transport and Works Act 1992 that are not covered by this document.

    Sickness and absence policy

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    This document sets out your organisation’s employment policy for sick leave, absence and for other emergency situations.

    It is easy to use and can be adapted for any type and any size of organisation.

    Introducing such a policy makes employees aware of procedures and obligations during periods of unplanned absence.

    The document publicises your compliance with your legal obligations in the Employment Rights Act and to statutory sick pay legislation.

    It can act as a reference point for both employees and managers when unplanned leave is taken and can help support an employer in employee disputes over leave.

    Whistleblowing policy

    This comprehensive policy encourages employees to raise concerns they may have regarding malpractice and helps to promote an honest working environment.

    It helps you to comply with your obligations under the Employment Rights Act (amended to date), Public Interests Disclosure Act 1998 and other employment legislation, but also encourages employees to report circumstances where the ethical (rather than legal) position of the business or organisation might be compromised.

    It covers a wide range of issues: from criminal offences to the protection of the environment, endangerment of health & safety of any individual and deliberate concealment.

    If implemented in line with the explanatory notes we provide with the document itself, your whistleblowing policy can also prove useful as a way to spot potential problems before they happen.

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