Photograph licence agreement

This is a straight forward licence of a set of photos or videos or both. It has been written for an amateur or a professional photographer to licence his or her work in any medium.
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About this document

This is a straight forward contract that allows you to transfer the intellectual property rights in your photos or videos (or a portfolio of work) to some other person or organisation. That third party may then use the work as he, she or it wishes.

For example, you may wish to allow use of an animation by a television or film production company, or maybe a photograph montage by a website owner. They, in turn, may wish to sublicense to similar organisations (such as their product distributors) in other countries.

This agreement talks of photos. It could, however, be adapted easily for any other copyright product, particularly one that is digital in nature, such as an illustration, video or moving pictures, or a sketch.

This document assumes that the licence is forever (effectively a sale). However, the agreement also sets out basic terms of any sublicence and strong terms to protect your interest. These help make sure that if the work is sold again, you retain some control of it.

The result is that you may not interfere with the licensee’s use of the photos or videos but your origination and your ownership (your moral rights) must always be acknowledged by them. Your reputation as a photographer, videographer or artist will be maintained.

The financial arrangement is a simple one-off cash transaction.

Alternatives to this agreement

Net Lawman offers several more complicated contracts that would be suitable for a licence of photographic material. Each has different terms. They cover more complicated sublicences; terms that are limited in many ways (e.g. types of use and geogrpahical rights), and recurring royalty agreements.

If your work is of high value, you may like to consider one these more comprehensive intellectual property sale agreements.

This template shouldn't be used for commissioned photography. If you are hired for an event, use this agreement instead.


This contract covers:

  • Definitions, interpretation and legal matters
  • Selected warranties and understandings by both sides
  • The licence deal
  • Terms of sub-licences
  • Further protection of rights of creator
  • Infringement of copyright
  • Confidentiality
  • Other matters relating to enforcement and other legal issues

This document was written by a solicitor for Net Lawman. It complies with current English law.

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