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Product ID: UK-IPipp32

IP licence agreement: to use name or trademark for merchandising in a different field or industry

Not yet reviewed

This is a heavyweight agreement for licensing the merchandising rights in any form of intellectual property.

The key element is that the licensee will exploit the IP in a different application or market.

The merchandising rights may be limited in some way, for example, to certain geographic regions or for certain applications.

The agreement could be used across different industries or markets or in the same one.

For example, this agreement might be used to license:

  • a set of children's cartoon characters for use on the packaging for a food product
  • a shampoo under a brand well known for cosmetics
  • a sports brand for use at an event (the agreement allows for branded merchandise at the event also to be included)

You can choose whether the agreement continues for a long duration, or for the duration of a particular event such as a consumer show.

There is a choice as to whether payment should be upfront, a royalty based on sales or both. A licensor will often want a fixed sum up front, just in case the merchandiser is not as good as he claims.

The document differs from our other merchandising agreement by providing for:

  • support by the licensor of additional licensed material, for example updates by the addition of new material. This additional material is not covered by the main licence, but rather subject to stricter protection. This may be because it could be used in the same market for other applications, or because it might need stronger protection because the licensor does not own all rights in it.
  • protection of new IP derived from the original. For example, if the licence concerns children’s cartoon characters, the agreement can specify who owns rights to a new supporting character developed by the licensor.
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Suitable for use in: England & Wales and Scotland

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Product ID: UK-IPipp30

IP licence agreement: of technical product in a single industry or market

Not yet reviewed

This is a heavyweight licence agreement for rights in an invention. It could be any technical IP. It can be limited in any way, including by industry, geography or application.

It is likely that the IP could be used in more than one industry, and that the owner or inventor will licence it widely, but to only one licensee per industry or sector

The licence is perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free and worldwide. The licensee is therefore entirely free to incorporate it into any product he makes, provided it is in his industry only.

The document also provides for the licensee additionally to obtains a secondary licence to some sort of supporting intellectual property (if appropriate to the deal). This is most likely to be a trademark or a patent. That right is also perpetual but it is limited so that the licensor can allow others to use it too. The licensor may grant this separately because he wishes to protect additional material more strongly because it may have far wider application, or because it contains IP that is not his own and to which he does not have rights to do anything else.

The deal is for a single payment up front.

Examples of applications:

  • a carpet manufacturer invents new way to cut and mould carpet shapes to a room in one piece. He licenses the idea to a car finisher who patents it for use in cars, but in name of licensor
  • a microchip designer creates a new chip that can process images much faster than any competitor product. He licenses the idea to two manufacturers: one of graphics cards in Europe, and a camera manufacturer in Asia
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Suitable for use in: England & Wales and Scotland

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Product ID: UK-IPipp39

IP licence agreement: educational or training system

Not yet reviewed

This is a heavyweight licence agreement for an intangible product such as an educational or training system.

The IP in the product is likely to be a process. However, the IP may also include physical objects as well. Licensees may download components, or it may be delivered in hard copy.

This agreement covers the intellectual property rights in every aspect of the work: from designs to copyright and patents.

The IP may be applicable to one industry or many. The agreement allows the licensor to protect the intellectual property whilst licensing its use to many people or businesses.

Payment may be a single upfront one, a period licence fee (such as an annual fee), and/or a royalty based on a metric such as the number of users.

The licence may be granted for as long as you decide. It can be limited to a particular market or application or territory. Re-sale and sub-license are forbidden.

Included is an option for the licensor to provide additional supporting systems on a separate licence basis. For example, the licensor may provide updates, expansions or training in how to use the system.

This document could be used, for example:

  • by a professional services organisation to license use of a distance learning system that it has developed to a training provider
  • by a swimming instructor who has devised an 8 week summer-holiday programme for teaching children to swim and who wishes to licence that system to swimming pool operators
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Suitable for use in: England & Wales and Scotland

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