Model terms and conditions that will protect your business

We know from experience that when you create a website, writing the legal informaiton pages sits on the backburner compared to other tasks. However, these documents are not only required by law if you sell online, but provide you with recourse you wouldn't otherwise have without them.

We have over 45 templates, each designed to suit a different type of website or business model. The majority are free to use provided you attribute our copyright in them.


Terms for retailers and service providers

These T&C templates are for businesses that sell good or services through their website.

They cover physical goods, services whether delivered online or offline, software and other products that are downloaded, and tickets and bookings.

Terms for blogs, news and information sites

Websites that simply publish information don't require the terms of sale that ecommerce sites need.

If you run a blog, a reference website, an online magazine or newspaper or a community site, your terms should cover ownership of content and rules regulating visitor behaviour.

Terms for sites that connect buyers and sellers

We call sites that connect buyers and sellers marketplace websites.

The market may be for goods or services of any type, and may require either side to register as a member before being allowed to trade.

Therefore these terms include rules for transactions to which your site is not party, and behaviour as a registered buyer or seller.

Terms for sites that require membership or subscription

Websites that foster a community - whether online or offline - require additional terms relating to behaviour as part of that community.

Whether you operate a sports club that allows members to book facilities and arrange matches online, or a fan site that encourages discussion, we provide you with protection from misbehaviour.


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