What Is Online Conveyancing?

Last updated: December 2020 | 3 min read

Online conveyancers are firms offering their conveyancing services online and providing an online case tracking facility.

The process of conveyancing has remained as it was. The difference is that you can now hire the conveyancer. Further, you can monitor the progress on your deal via the online case tracking facilities they offer.

So you may want to use online services of such conveyancers instead of going to a conveyancer local to you. What is pertinent is that you find the right conveyancer who offers the best services for your budget.

What are the advantages of online conveyancing?

Lower costs

With online conveyancing, the fee you pay to the conveyancer will be less as compared to a conveyancer who operates out of his office. However, be aware that with online conveyancers, sometimes the upfront cost may seem attractive to you. You should check which services exactly will be included in your package as there may be further add on services which are essential and will take your costs up.

No Sale No Fee

Online conveyancing has started to become more relevant and popular substitute given that most people have constant and ready access to the internet. Online conveyance are more likely to offer no sale no fee arrangement (if your transaction does not go through, you only have to cover the expenses and not pay any fees).

Faster Communication and Case Tracking Facility

As you will be communicating with your conveyancers online, you will be able communicate faster and at any time. Further, you can get an update on your transaction whenever you want through the online tracking facilities. It records each and every step of the process and allows you to be able to monitor the development of your case.

Comparing between online conveyancers

Online conveyancers also offer fee estimators, giving you an upfront cost estimate, so you can compare cost in between firms.

You do not have to ever meet the conveyancer

With online Conveyancing, you do not ever have to meet him or her personally. This saves you the trouble of going to your conveyancer’s office whenever you want to talk about something.

What are the disadvantages of online conveyancing?

However, hiring online conveyancing services also has its drawbacks.

Chances of fraud and low-quality services

Online conveyancing service may be lower in cost and more efficient being faster as compared to conveyancer local to you. However, you may be prone to a greater chance of fraud and low quality services.

Do thorough checks on the online conveyancer

Therefore, it is very important that you do a thorough background check of the firm who are offering their services online and compare fees between the different online conveyancers.

Not everyone is comfortable communicating digitally

With online conveyancing you can communicate with your conveyancers even outside of business hours. However, not everyone feels comfortable communicating digitally and may prefer face to face interaction with their conveyancer.


In deciding whether you should go for online conveyancing, what matters the most is that you find the conveyancer who have good reviews, is proactive and diligent. You need to find the best conveyancer who is offering the best services and is within your budget.

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