Conveyancing for sellers

Essential conveyancing know-how for UK property sellers. From finding solicitors to managing disputes, ensure a smooth, legally compliant sale.

What Is Online Conveyancing?

Find out what is online conveyancing and learn its advantages and disadvantages

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Register

Find out what the EPC Register is, and why Energy Performance Certificates are important enough to require registration.

Conveyancing fees

Discover how to effectively manage your conveyancing fees with our insightful article. Learn about the legal costs of property transactions, the differences between buying and selling, and tips for choosing the right conveyancing solicitor. Whether you're a first-time buyer or seasoned seller, this guide offers valuable advice to ensure a smooth property deal.

What is indemnity insurance

Discover how indemnity insurance can secure your property transactions against unforeseen legal issues. This comprehensive article breaks down its types, necessity, and how it protects homeowners. Perfect for prospective homeowners and professionals, it demystifies indemnity insurance, ensuring you're well-prepared for your property journey.

How much does obtaining an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) cost?

Discover how Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) influence your property's value and legal compliance in the UK. This comprehensive guide sheds light on EPC costs, their importance in real estate transactions, and how they can lead to energy efficiency improvements. Perfect for homeowners and prospective buyers eager to make informed decisions.

What is a flying freehold

Discover the intriguing world of flying freeholds with this detailed guide. Learn about the legal complexities, ownership challenges, and financial implications that come with these unique property types. This article is a must-read for anyone involved in the UK property market, offering essential insights and practical solutions for managing flying freehold issues.

What paperwork do i need to sell my house UK

Get ready for a hassle-free house sale in the UK by mastering the essential paperwork required. This guide offers you a thorough understanding of each document's role in the process, paving the way for a confident and successful property transaction. Dive in to equip yourself with the knowledge needed for a smooth sale.

No sale no fee conveyancing

Discover the advantages of no sale no fee conveyancing for your next property deal. This insightful article breaks down how you can benefit from legal services that only charge upon successful transaction completion, offering financial protection and peace of mind. Perfect for anyone navigating the property market, it's a must-read to make informed decisions without the stress of upfront fees.

Do I need a party wall agreement

Discover how the Party Wall Act affects your next home improvement project. This article breaks down when you need a party wall agreement, helping you ensure your renovations are legally sound and neighbor-friendly. Read on to navigate the legalities effortlessly and keep your project on track.

New build conveyancing

Unlock the world of new build conveyancing with our detailed guide. From choosing the right solicitor to navigating legal checks and NHBC warranties, this article equips potential buyers with the knowledge needed for a successful property purchase. Dive into the specifics and prepare for a seamless home-buying experience.

DIY conveyancing - can you really do your own?

Find out whether it is possible to carry out your own conveyancing - whether you are the buyer or the seller of the property.

Why does conveyancing take so long

Read this enlightening guide on UK conveyancing to discover the reasons behind its lengthy process. Gain valuable insights into speeding up your property transaction, with practical advice for buyers and sellers alike. Make your next move smoother by understanding and navigating the conveyancing journey with ease.

Electrical installation certificate legal requirement

Discover how to ensure your property's electrical systems are up to code and safe for tenants. This detailed guide covers everything from obtaining electrical installation certificates to navigating UK legal requirements. Perfect for landlords and property managers, it's your go-to resource for electrical safety compliance.

Neighbour dispute selling house

Read our expert guide on navigating neighbour disputes during house sales. From legal disclosures to resolving conflicts, get the essential advice you need to protect your property's value and achieve a successful sale, even in the most challenging situations.

TA6 property information form

Grasp the purpose and uses of the TA6 property information form. Learn how to fill out the TA6 property information form to avoid misrepresentation and understand what to look for when buying or selling.

Conveyancing process for sellers

Unlock the secrets to a successful property sale with our detailed guide on the conveyancing process for sellers. This essential read offers step-by-step advice on everything from choosing a solicitor to handling offers, ensuring a hassle-free transaction from start to finish.

Selling a house without planning permission

Discover how to navigate the complexities of selling your house without planning permission, focusing on the unique challenges of 'flying freeholds.' Learn about legal implications, financial considerations, and practical solutions to ensure a smooth transaction. Ideal for property sellers, buyers, and legal experts looking for in-depth insights into property law intricacies.

Finding a conveyancing solicitor for buying a house

Discover how to smoothly secure your dream home by selecting the perfect conveyancing solicitor. This article breaks down the essentials: from understanding their pivotal role, finding the right one, to navigating fees and services. Read now and take a step closer to your ideal property purchase!

Selling without building regulations completion certificate

Find out how to successfully sell your property even without a building regulations completion certificate. This comprehensive guide covers everything from legal challenges to practical solutions like indemnity insurance, ensuring you can make informed decisions and maintain your property's value.

Electrical indemnity insurance when selling house

Find out how electrical indemnity insurance can make your home sale smoother by covering uncertified electrical work. This article guides you through compliance, EIC importance, and avoiding legal hassles, ensuring you're well-prepared for a successful transaction.

Changing your conveyancing solicitor during the property purchase process

Find out how to change your solicitor once conveyancing has started, when you might do so and what the risks are.

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