Conveyancing for buyers

In-depth conveyancing knowledge for buyers: understand the complexities of UK property law, from EPC ratings to occupier waivers. Empower your purchase.


This guide will help you learn about the conveyancing process, the costs involved, how to find a good conveyancer, and how to avoid certain pitfalls.

Stamp duty on a second home

Cut through the complexity of stamp duty on additional properties. This straightforward, reader-friendly guide gives you the key facts, tips and clarity you need to buy your next home with ease.

What is a conveyancer? Their role in buying and selling your home

Feel confident understanding the conveyancer's integral part in buying or selling your home with this straightforward guide.

Stamp duty on buy to let properties

Cut through the complexity of stamp duty for buy-to-let: discover expert insights in this guide that will give you the knowledge to invest in property with confidence.

What is exchange of contracts?

Read about what 'exchange of contracts' means, at which stage during the conveyancing process it happens, and what the steps afterwards are.

What happens on completion day

Find out happens on the day of completion of the sale or purchase of your home.

Local authority searches

We take a look at what local authority searches are, why they are important, which information they cover, which information they do not cover, and what to do if no local authority search has been done.

What is an EPC rating?

EPC ratings explained in plain English. Let us shed light on what these property certificates mean, from costs to environmental impact. We'll cover the basics so you can evaluate your home's energy performance.

Using a licensed conveyancer instead of a solicitor

Read about licensed conveyancers - how they differ from solicitors and whether they are cheaper and better to use.

How long does conveyancing take when buying property in the UK?

Feel confident about conveyancing time frames. This guide describes each step of the process when buying a UK property to keep you well-informed.

The difference between a licensed conveyancer and a conveyancing solicitor

Find out the similarities and differences between a solicitor and a licensed conveyancer, and which to choose when buying or selling a property.

What documents should I receive when buying a house in the UK?

Find out which documents you should receive as a buyer of a property in the UK, both before the sale and after.

What is an occupier waiver form

Don't let occupier waiver forms trip you up. This guide breaks down what they are, why they're required, who signs, and risks of refusing.

Buy to let conveyancing

Simplify the buy to let conveyancing process: discover how to choose the right conveyancer, assess costs, and maximise your investment value.

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