Finding a property and making an offer

Elevate your house-buying skills: essential tips on costs, legal aspects, and effective negotiation tactics.

Costs of buying a house and moving

Grasp the costs of buying a house in the UK and moving in specific to your circumstances. Our guide ensures that you understand and are prepared for every cost involved.

30 questions to ask when viewing a house

Read about the right questions to ask when viewing a property, to make an informed decision about your new home. These questions unveil the character and potential of any property, ensuring your next move is problem-free.

Quick house sales

Discover how to expedite your house sale smartly! Learn about various selling methods, understand their benefits and drawbacks, and navigate your sale with confidence. Ideal for homeowners in need of a quick, informed sale process. Start your journey to a swift and satisfactory house sale today!

What to look for when viewing a house

Discover the keys to your dream home with our insightful guide on 'What to look for when viewing a house.' Whether you're a first-time buyer or in the market again, this article reveals critical tips and a handy checklist to ensure you make a wise decision. Delve into expert advice on assessing every aspect of your potential new home, from room conditions to garden layouts. Don't miss this essential read for a confident house-hunting journey!

How to avoid being gazumped

Discover how to outsmart gazumping in the UK property market! Read our comprehensive guide and learn effective strategies to protect yourself from this frustrating practice. Understand the legal nuances, emotional impact, and proactive measures for a secure and successful home buying journey.

Estate agents legal obligations to buyers

Read about the legal duties of estate agents towards buyers in the UK property market. This comprehensive guide talks about legislation, buyer rights, and estate agent responsibilities, offering vital insights for a secure and informed property buying experience. Stay ahead in your property journey!

Taking a house off the market - rules in the UK

Read this essential guide on the nuances of delisting your property in the UK. This article offers valuable advice and strategies for those contemplating or facing the decision to withdraw their house from the market.

How to tell if a house is overpriced

Learn how to spot an overpriced property in the UK! This insightful guide offers key tips for first-time buyers and investors, helping you evaluate market trends, compare neighbourhood prices, and make savvy decisions in the bustling property market.

How to decide where to live in the UK

Read 'How to decide where to live UK' for insightful tips on choosing your ideal UK home. Discover how to balance lifestyle, budget, and location, from property trends to local amenities. Make your next move with confidence - understand what truly matters in finding your perfect living space!

How to find the perfect home

Read our expert guide on finding your perfect home! Discover practical tips on budgeting, location scouting, and navigating the housing market. Learn how to make informed decisions and find a home that fits your lifestyle and dreams. Start your journey towards home ownership now!

What is a buying agent?

Discover how a buying agent can transform your property search in the UK! Learn about their unique role, costs, and benefits and how to choose the best one for your property search.

Ways to find a house before it is listed

Read about insider strategies to secure a home before its official listing and position yourself advantageously in the buyer's market. Learn from industry experts about navigating off-market opportunities, building essential relationships, and making smart financial preparations.

How to register with an estate agent when buying a property

Step into the world of smart property buying in 2023. This detailed guide offers insights on making savvy offers, effective negotiation tactics, and understanding the dynamics of the UK real estate market. Equip yourself with the knowledge to confidently secure your ideal home.

Making an offer on a house and negotiating price

Read our comprehensive guide on making an offer on a house and mastering negotiation tactics. Learn effective communication tips with estate agents, and explore real-life negotiation case studies. Equip yourself with the knowledge to secure your dream home confidently.

How to prove another offer on a house is real

Discover how to authenticate competing offers on a house with this insightful article. Learn about the UK's estate agent regulations, strategies for verifying offers, and the critical role of trust in property transactions.

Sealed bids: understanding and winning

Master confidential offers and discover winning tips to outshine competitors' bidding for the same property as you.

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