Other legal matters

Practical advice on legal property matters, including remortgaging, splitting titles, and trust deeds.

Complain about a solicitor

Discover how to address dissatisfaction with your solicitor effectively. This guide offers practical steps to lodge a complaint, differentiate between the Legal Ombudsman and the SRA, and prepare for potential outcomes. Empower yourself with the knowledge to ensure your legal rights are upheld.

Do i need a solicitor to remortgage

Discover how a solicitor can smooth your remortgaging journey, from understanding complex legal requirements to handling property deeds. Whether you're considering switching lenders or wondering about the costs involved, this article sheds light on the essential role of legal advice in making informed decisions.

Compulsory purchase orders

Discover the pivotal role of Compulsory Purchase Orders in shaping our cities. This detailed article provides crucial insights into the rights of property owners, the criteria for public interest, and guidelines for compensation. It's an informative read for anyone dealing with or interested in the complexities of property acquisition for public benefit.

Splitting a property into two titles

Unlock the potential of your property by learning how to split it into two titles. This guide demystifies the legal process, benefits, and considerations, offering a clear path to enhancing your property's value and generating additional income. Ideal for owners ready to take a strategic step forward.

Deed of trusts

Secure your joint property ownership rights with our in-depth guide on deeds of trust. This essential reading provides legal insights and practical tips to safeguard your investment and ensure equitable arrangements. Perfect for co-owners seeking clarity and security in their property dealings.

Complain about a surveyor

Act now to address your surveyor-related concerns with our expert guide. Learn how to identify valid complaints, communicate effectively, and pursue resolutions through various channels, including RICS processes and legal action. Empower yourself with the knowledge to secure fair outcomes in surveyor disputes.

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