Financial planning and tax

Maximise profits, minimise risks in house sales with these guides to capital gains tax and fraud prevention.

Should i pay off my mortgage early

Discover why accelerating your mortgage payments could be a smart financial move. This insightful article breaks down the benefits, risks, and strategies for paying off your home loan early. Tailored for homeowners, it equips you with the knowledge to make an informed choice about your mortgage and financial future.

Working from home tax relief

Read this insightful guide on "Working from Home Tax Relief" and learn how you can reduce your tax bill by claiming household costs against your taxable income. Whether you're employed or self-employed, this article breaks down eligibility, claimable expenses, and how to apply, offering a financial advantage in your remote work setup.

How long does a remortgage take

Read how you can efficiently manage your remortgage process with our step-by-step guide. From initial preparations to finalizing your new mortgage deal, discover strategies to avoid common delays and make informed decisions. Perfect for homeowners aiming for a smooth transition to better mortgage terms.

How to avoid selling your house to pay for care

Discover how to secure your future and care without selling your cherished home. This insightful guide reveals alternative funding options, legal strategies, and the importance of early planning. Learn about equity release, savings, insurance, and how to navigate the complexities of care funding with expert advice. Start planning today.

House valuation for remortgage

Discover how to leverage your property's value for a better remortgage deal. This detailed guide unveils the secrets to navigating valuation challenges and unlocking optimal mortgage terms. Ideal for homeowners aiming for a smart financial move, it demystifies the valuation process with actionable insights. Dive in for a smoother remortgage journey!

Inheriting a house

Explore how to handle the inheritance of a house with this detailed guide. Whether you're dealing with probate, considering your financial options, or planning your next steps, this article provides essential advice and insights for anyone facing the challenges of property inheritance.

Downsizing house

Unlock the advantages of a smaller living space! This guide offers practical advice on downsizing your home, from financial savings to lifestyle benefits. Whether you're aiming for less maintenance or closer community ties, find out how a smaller home can enrich your life and free up resources.

Adult social care reforms

Discover the transformative changes coming to the UK's adult social care sector. This insightful article covers the upcoming reforms, financial impacts, and enhanced support for individuals and professionals. Learn how these changes aim to improve care quality and accessibility for all.

Transfer of equity process

Discover how to smoothly manage property ownership changes with our detailed guide on the transfer of equity process. Learn about everything from legal requirements to tax implications, whether you're adding a spouse, handling a divorce, or planning inheritance. Unlock the secrets to a hassle-free equity transfer today.

How much does financial advisor cost

Unlock the secrets of financial advisor fees with our in-depth analysis. Learn about the differences between percentage-based fees, flat rates, and more to better plan your financial future. Perfect for anyone looking to understand the true cost of financial advice and how to choose the right advisor.

Is equity release right for me

Discover how to financially secure your retirement by unlocking the value of your home with equity release. This guide offers essential insights into lifetime mortgages and home reversion schemes, helping you decide if it's a suitable option for enhancing your retirement funds. Learn about the benefits, considerations, and how it impacts inheritance.

Council tax on second house

Discover how owning a second house in the UK impacts your council tax bill. This comprehensive guide covers everything from tax bands and premiums to discounts and exemptions. Perfect for homeowners seeking to manage their properties wisely, it's a must-read for navigating the complexities of local taxation.

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