Preparing to sell

Focused guidance on navigating agent fees, market forecasts, and selling tactics.

Estate agent fees

Enhance your property selling experience by mastering estate agent fees. Our guide demystifies fee structures, offers negotiation strategies, and reveals how to avoid hidden charges. Ideal for UK property sellers seeking clarity and savings.

UK house prices forecast

Unlock insights into the future of UK house prices with our detailed 2024 forecast. From the impact of mortgage trends to regional market resilience, this guide provides everything you need for your next property venture. Ideal for buyers and investors seeking a competitive edge.

EWS1 form

Discover how the EWS1 form transforms property safety and value in the UK. This informative piece sheds light on its critical role post-Grenfell, offering insights into its necessity, process, and impact on mortgages and building regulations. Learn how this document influences property transactions and safety measures, making it a must-read for homeowners, buyers, and real estate professionals.

Cost of selling a house

Unlock essential tips for selling your UK home with ease. Our guide demystifies the costs from agent fees to legal necessities, ensuring you're prepared. Dive into strategies for a profitable sale, learning how to cut costs without cutting corners. Perfect for homeowners ready to sell smartly.

How to choose an estate agent

Start your property selling process on the right foot! This guide dives into selecting an estate agent, from evaluating credentials to understanding fees and crafting a winning marketing strategy. It's an essential read for anyone aiming for a successful and informed property sale.

Estate agent tricks of the trade

Unlock the secrets to navigating estate agent tactics with this enlightening guide. Whether you're buying or selling, learn how to recognize and react to strategies designed to influence your decisions. Equip yourself with the knowledge to make smarter, more confident property choices.

Questions to ask estate agents when selling

Unlock the secrets to a successful property sale with our expert guide. Learn the right questions to ask estate agents, from uncovering hidden fees to mastering marketing tactics and navigating contract complexities. Equip yourself with the strategies for a smooth sale and maximize your home's value.

Best time to sell house

Elevate your home-selling strategy with our guide. Delve into how strategic timing, influenced by seasons and economic trends, can amplify your sale's success. Tailored for homeowners, this piece offers actionable insights to navigate the market confidently and secure the best deal for your property.

How to complain about an estate agent

Discover how to stand up for your rights in property disputes with estate agents. This comprehensive guide walks you through the legal landscape, complaint procedures, and escalation options, ensuring you're well-prepared to address any issues confidently. Perfect for homeowners and buyers seeking justice and clarity.

Do i sell my house before buying a new one

Discover strategies for a smarter property transition. Learn the pros and cons of selling your house before buying another and arm yourself with knowledge to make the best decision. Ideal for homeowners looking to optimize their move in the property market.

How to prepare home for sale

Discover how to transform your home into a buyer's dream with "How to Prepare Your Home for Sale." Learn practical tips on decluttering, staging, and minor upgrades that can significantly boost your home's market value. Make your property stand out and secure the best deal with this essential guide.

Should I rent out my house or sell it

Read our essential guide to decide between renting or selling your home. With detailed comparisons on financial gains, market analysis, and actionable advice, it's designed to empower homeowners with knowledge. Dive into this must-read for a strategic approach to your property's future.

Estate agent contract what to know

Discover how to confidently handle estate agent contracts with this insightful article. Learn about different contract types, negotiation strategies, and your legal rights to ensure a smooth property sale or rental process. Perfect for UK homeowners seeking to secure the best terms and avoid common pitfalls in the property market.

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