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First page of a stock transfer form
Product ID: UK-CPsha08

Stock transfer form (J10 and J30)

£7.20 inc VAT

Times have changed. There is no legal or practical requirement for a share transfer form to be in any particular form. The old forms J30 and J10 are no longer relevant. We provide a clean, modern version of the old J30, retaining the characteristic layout so that any user will not worry. We also provide the HMR&C alternative certificates which can be printed on the reverse side of the form or on a second sheet of paper. Read More

First page of a buy back agreement
Product ID: UK-CPadm07

Buy back agreement

£36.00 inc VAT

Standard buy back agreement between an employee-shareholder and a private limited company providing for shares to be offered back when the employee ceases to be employed. Read More

First page of a document to reduce share capital
Product ID: UK-CPmin20

Reduce share capital: set of documents

£22.80 inc VAT

All the documents you need to reduce the share capital of any private company limited by shares. This pack includes 2x sets of documents. You choose which procedure you want to follow. The company can reduce share capital either in general meeting or by following the new way of a written resolution. The text is simple and in layouts accepted at Companies House. Read More

Example of a class rights article
Product ID: UK-CPadm08

Class rights article

£12.00 inc VAT

Specimen article creating class rights so that founder A shares are freely transferable and employee held B shares are subject to per-emption on transfer and buy-back provisions. Read More

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