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Product ID: UK-COMbtc18

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This document provides two sets of terms and conditions for a recruitment agency: one for your relationship with applicants seeking jobs, and the other with client employers or hirers.

Use it where the agency advertises positions on behalf of the client, finds candidates and screens them.

The positions to be filled could be temporary or permanent.

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Product ID: UK-COMbtc15

Employment business: terms and conditions

These are standard client terms and conditions for any “employment business”. The document strongly protects the employment business but fairly treats the client.

An employment business is one that employs workers and hires them to clients, usually on a temporary basis.

The workers are employed by the employment business and not by the client.

You can use these terms as an agreement under hand, or you could easily adapt them for your website.

Your business might specialise in providing staff for a particular industry or role, or be a generalist provider of temporary workers.

The document includes provisions and options related to:

  • no competition
  • indemnity and limitation of your liability for the work your employees perform
  • payment of fees
  • recording of work completion
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Product ID: UK-SGAbsv04

Security services contract

This agreement is useful for both, the security service provider and to the client (which may be an industrial unit, shopping center, hospital, residential society, school or any other organisations) on payment of agreed fee and the client who wishes to engage the security agency for the security of its industrial or institutional premises.

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Product ID: UK-SGAsem06

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This is a contract between an organiser and a speaker to talk or to present at an event. It is a comprehensive yet flexible document suitable for a wide variety of engagements, from after dinner speeches, to corporate training events, to conferences and trade shows. Use it to clarify the terms of the agreement including the responsibilities of both the organiser and the speaker, and to give you a high level of intellectual property protection.

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