Employee letters

HR matters are usually personally sensitive, yet employers are compelled by law to follow strict procedures. These letters allow you to comply with your legal obligations as an employer, while setting an appropriate human tone for the situation.


    TUPE letters to employees

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    Alternative formal letters to an employee to inform her/him of the sale of the business or change of workplace. Sets out employee rights under TUPE Regulations.

    Medical records release: set of letters to obtain medical records for personal use

    Two template letters to use to ask your GP, hospital or other medical professional, to send your medical records to you with mention of your rights under the Access to Health Records Act 1990.

    Resignation acknowledgement: letter

    Amicable letter from the employer, acknowledging the employee\'s resignation, stating the effective date of termination, final salary payments and other resignation matters.

    Letter to director: to discuss termination of directorship

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    Polite yet formal letter suitable for anyone looking to dis-engage a director employee. Aids compliance with relevant employment legislation.

    Release employee's medical records to employer: set of letters

    Set of template letters for employer to obtain medical records of employee to be sent to your nominated consultant for assessment. Drawn to be firm but tactful, with mention of the Access to Health Records Act 1990. Include consent letters, of course.

    Letter to employee: refusing flexible working hours request

    Comply with the Flexible Working Regulations 2006. Use this letter refusing the request for flexible working and ensure that all requirements are met.

    Letter to employee: offer of alternative employment

    Standard letter offering alternative employment to be used when the employee is unable to continue work in their current position and where the most suitable option is to offer alternative employment within the company.

    Summary dismissal letter: gross misconduct

    Letter verifying summary dismissal often called 'dismissal without notice' for gross misconduct (eg theft, fraud, violence).

    Letter to employee: termination of employment after working notice period

    Letter from employer to be used once the employee has worked their notice period. States that the effective date of termination is today and finalises termination matters such as return of uniform, final salary payments, accrued holiday and other matters.

    Letter to employee: termination of employment; with PILON statement

    Letter from employer terminating the employment contract. States that a payment in lieu of notice (PILLION) will be made and that the employee need not return to work.

    Variation of employment contract: letter to employee

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    These are five formal letters to your employee. Each varies a different term of an employment contract:

    • change of work location
    • change of work status
    • increase in pay
    • change of responsibilities
    • increase in annual leave

    For example, your business may need to relocate, or there may be changes in the law requiring you to increases an employee’s wage.

    The letters cover the most common reasons for variations, but of course they can be amended to suit other situations too.

    Use these letters to allow smooth and swift changes for your employees.

    Redundancy confirmation letter

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    Letter to provide an employee with written notice of termination due to redundancy. Provisions to add your own relevant and unique reasons. This template letter comes with full guidance on how to do this so that you comply with relevant legislation.

    Letter to employee: reasons for dismissal

    Letter detailing the reason for the employee's dismissal. Ensures that the employee understands why he/she was dismissed, thereby reducing the probability that he/she will make an unfair dismissal claim against you.

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